Ephesians 1:5-12

  5 G4309 Having predestinated G5206 us to the adoption G5206 of children G2424 by Jesus G5547 Christ G848 to himself, G2596 according G2107 to the good pleasure G2307 of his will,
  6 G1868 To the praise G1391 of the glory G5485 of his grace, G1722 wherein G3757 G5487 he has made G5487 us accepted G25 in the beloved.
  7 G3739 In whom G2192 we have G629 redemption G1223 through G129 his blood, G859 the forgiveness G3900 of sins, G2596 according G4149 to the riches G5485 of his grace;
  8 G3757 Wherein G4052 he has abounded G1519 toward G3956 us in all G4678 wisdom G5428 and prudence;
  9 G1107 Having made G1107 known G3466 to us the mystery G2307 of his will, G2596 according G2107 to his good pleasure G3739 which G4388 he has purposed G848 in himself:
  10 G3622 That in the dispensation G4138 of the fullness G2540 of times G346 he might gather G346 together G3956 in one all G5547 things in Christ, G5037 both G3588 which G3772 are in heaven, G3588 and which G1909 are on G1093 earth; even in him:
  11 G3739 In whom G2532 also G2192 we have G2820 obtained G2820 an inheritance, G4309 being predestinated G2596 according G4286 to the purpose G1754 of him who works G3956 all G2596 things after G1012 the counsel G848 of his own G2307 will:
  12 G1868 That we should be to the praise G1391 of his glory, G3588 who G4276 first G4276 trusted G5547 in Christ.