Jeremiah 41:16

  16 H3110 Then Johanan H1121 the son H7143 of Kareah H8269 , and all the captains H2428 of the forces H3947 [H8799] that were with him, took H7611 all the remnant H5971 of the people H7725 [H8689] whom he had recovered H3458 from Ishmael H1121 the son H5418 of Nethaniah H4709 , from Mizpah H310 , after H5221 [H8689] that he had slain H1436 Gedaliah H1121 the son H296 of Ahikam H1397 , even mighty H582 men H4421 of war H802 , and the women H2945 , and the children H5631 , and the eunuchs H7725 [H8689] , whom he had brought again H1391 from Gibeon: