Romans 3:14 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  14 G3739 "whose G4750 mouth G1073 is full G685 of cursing G2532 and G4088 bitterness."

Psalms 10:7

  7 H6310 His mouth H4390 is full H423 of cursing, H4820 deceit, H8496 and oppression. H3956 Under his tongue H5999 is mischief H205 and iniquity.

Psalms 59:12

  12 H2403 For the sin H6310 of their mouth, H1697 and the words H8193 of their lips, H3920 let them be caught H1347 in their pride, H423 for the curses H3585 and lies H5608 which they utter.

Psalms 109:17-18

  17 H157 Yes, he loved H7045 cursing, H935 and it came H2654 to him. He didn't delight H1293 in blessing, H7368 and it was far from him.
  18 H3847 He clothed H7045 himself also with cursing H4055 as with his garment. H935 It came H7130 into his inward H4325 parts like water, H8081 like oil H6106 into his bones.

James 3:10

  10 G1537 Out of G846 the same G4750 mouth G1831 comes G2129 forth blessing G2532 and G2671 cursing. G3450 My G80 brothers, G5023 these things G5534 ought G3756 not G1096 to be G3779 so.

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