Luke 14:7-11

Wycliffe(i) 7 He seide also a parable to men bodun to a feeste, and biheld hou thei chesen the first sittyng placis, and seide to hem, 8 Whanne thou art bodun to bridalis, sitte not `at the mete in the firste place; lest perauenture a worthier than thou be bodun of hym, 9 and lest he come that clepide thee and hym, and seie to thee, Yyue place to this, and thanne thou schalt bigynne with schame to holde the lowest place. 10 But whanne thou art bedun to a feste, go, and sitte doun in the laste place, that whanne he cometh, that bad thee to the feeste, he seie to thee, Freend, come hiyer. Thanne worschip schal be to thee, bifor men that sitten at the mete. 11 For ech that enhaunsith hym, schal be lowid; and he that meketh hym, schal be hiyed.