Luke 14:7-11

Matthew(i) 7 He put forth a similitude to the gestes, when he marked howe they preased to the hyest roumes, and sayed vnto them: 8 When thou arte bydden to a weddynge of anye man, sit not downe in the hyest roume, least a more honorable man then thou be bydden of hym, 9 & he that bade both hym and the, come and saye to the: geue thys man roume, and thou then begynne with shame to take the lowest roume. 10 But rather when thou arte bydden, go and sit in the lowest roume, that when he that bade the, commeth, he maye saye vnto the frende sit vp hyer. Then shalte thou haue worshyppe in the preseuce of them that sitte at meat with the. 11 For whosoeuer exalteth him selfe, shalbe broughte lowe. And he that humbleth him selfe, shalbe exalted.