Psalms 68

Thomson(i) 1 For the conclusion. By David. A Psalm of an Ode. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered; and let them who hate him flee before him. 2 As smoke vanisheth, let them disappear: as wax melteth before fire, so let sinners perish at the presence of God. 3 But let them who are righteous rejoice; let them shout for joy at the presence of God; let them be transported with gladness. 4 Sing to God; celebrate his name in songs: make way for him who is riding westward. His name is the Lord, rejoice before him. 5 Let them be awed at the presence of him, who is the father of the fatherless, and the judge of them who are widows. God is in a place consecrated to him: 6 God settleth the lonely in a family, having brought out with strength them who had been bound; in like manner them who were rebellious; them, whose habitation is now in tombs. 7 When thou, God, wentest forth before thy people; when thou wast marching through the wilderness; 8 the earth shook and the heavens dissolved in showers at the presence of the God of Sina: at the presence of the God of Israel. 9 Thou, God, canst assign to thy heritage rain, at pleasure; when they were fainty thou didst refresh them. 10 Thine animals dwell among them: in thy goodness thou didst provide for the distressed. 11 God the Lord will issue an order to them, who publish good news to the mighty host; 12 the king of the armies of the Beloved [to the army] of the Beloved, to divide spoils for beautifying the house. 13 Though you may have slept in kitchens; the wings of a dove covered with silver, while its back is spangled with yellow gold, 14 shall, when the Almighty scattereth kings before it, be white as the snow on Selmon. 15 The mountain of God! a fertile mountain! Is a curdled mountain a fertile mountain? 16 But why do you suppose curdled mountains? This is the mount on which God is pleased to dwell, for the Lord will at length dwell there. 17 The chariots of God are innumerable: there are thousands of happy attendants. The Lord was among them at Sina, 18 In this holy place having ascended on high thou hast led captivity captive; and received gifts in the manner of man in token [for some were incredulous] of thy dwelling there. 19 Blessed be the Lord God! Blessed be the Lord. Day by day let the God of our salvation prosper us! 20 Our God is the God to save; and to the Lord belong the out goings of death. 21 But God will crush the heads of his enemies; the hairy head of them who persist in their trespasses. 22 The Lord said, I will bring back from Basan; I will bring back through the depths of a sea; 23 that thy foot may be dipped in blood; the tongue of thy dogs, in that of his enemies. 24 Thy marches, O God, have been seen; the marches of my God, my king, in this holy place. 25 The chiefs went before next to the band of musick, in the midst of damsels playing on timbrels, 26 "bless ye God in assemblies: the Lord, ye from the fountains of Israel! 27 There was young Benjamin in a rapture; there the chiefs of Juda, the leaders; the chiefs of Zabulon, the chiefs of Nephthaleim. 28 Command, God, thine army; strengthen this, God, which thou hast established among us. 29 Because of thy temple at Jerusalem, let kings bring thee gifts. 30 Rebuke the wild beasts of the reed, that the silvery shoals may not be intercepted. Is there an assembly of bulls among the heifers of the people? Scatter the nations which delight in war. 31 Ambassadors shall come from Egypt; Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands to God. 32 O ye kingdoms of the earth, sing to God: sing to the Lord in harmonious strains; in harmonious strains sing to God, 33 who rode on the eastern heaven of heaven. Behold with his voice he will utter a voice of power. 34 Ascribe ye glory to God. His excellency is over Israel; and his power is in the clouds. 35 God is awful among his saints: he is the God of Israel. He will give power and strength to his people. Blessed be our God!