Psalms 68

Coverdale(i) 1 Let God aryse, so shal his enemies be scatered, and they that hate him, shal fle before him. 2 Like as the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou dryue them awaye: and like as waxe melteth at the fyre, so shall the vngodly perish at the presence off God. 3 But the rightuous shal be glad & reioyse before God, they shalbe mery & ioyful. 4 Oh synge vnto God, synge prayses vnto his name: magnifie him yt rydeth aboue the heaues (whose name is ye LORDE) & reioyse before hi. 5 He is a father of ye fatherlesse, he is a defender of widdowes: eue God in his holy habitacio. 6 He is the God yt maketh me to be of one mynde in a house, & bryngeth ye presoners out of captiuite in due season, but letteth ye rennagates cotinue in scarcenesse. 7 O God, when thou wetest forth before yi people, whe thou wetest thorow ye wildernes. 8 Sela. The earth shoke, & ye heauens dropped at the presence of God in Sinai, at ye presence of God which is ye God of Israel. 9 Thou o God sendest a gracious rayne vpon thyne enheritauce, & refreshest it, when it is drye. 10 That thy beastes maye dwell therin, which thou of thy goodnes hast prepared for the poore. 11 The LORDE shal geue the worde, wt greate hoostes of Euagelistes. 12 Kinges wt their armies shal fle, & they of ye housholde shal deuyde ye spoyle. 13 Yf so be yt ye lye amoge the pales, the doues fethers shalbe couered with syluer, & hir winges of the color of golde. 14 When the Allmightie setteth kynges vpo the earth, it shalbe cleare euen in the darcknesse. 15 The hill of Basan is Gods hill, the hill of Basan is a pleteous hill. 16 Why hoppe ye so, ye greate hilles? It pleaseth God to dwell vpo this hill, yee the LORDE wil abyde in it for euer. 17 The charettes of God are many M. tymes a thousande, the LORDE is amoge them in the holy Sinai. 18 Thou art gone vp an hye, thou hast led captyuite captyue, & receaued giftes for me: Yee euen for thy enemies, that they might dwell with the LORDE God. 19 Praysed be the LORDE daylie, eue ye God which helpeth vs, & poureth his benefites vpo vs. 20 Sela. The God yt is or Sauior, eue God the LORDE by who we escape death. 21 The God that smyteth his enemies vpo the heades & vpon the hayrie scalpes: soch as go on still in their wikednes. 22 The LORDE hath sayde: some wil I bringe agayne from Basan, some wil I bringe agayne fro the depe of the see. 23 That thy fote maye be dipped in the bloude of thine enemies, & that thy dogges maye licke it vp. 24 It is well sene (o God how thou goest, how thou my God and kynge goest in the Sanctuary. 25 The syngers go before, and then the mynstrells amonge the maydens with the tymbrels. 26 O geue thankes vnto God the LORDE in the congregacion, for the welles of Israel. 27 There litle Beniamin, the prynces of Iuda, the prynces of Zabulo, and the prynces of Nephthali beare rule amoge them. 28 Thy God hath comitted stregth vnto the, stablish the thinge (o God) that thou hast wrought in vs. 29 For thy teples sake at Ierusalem shal kynges brynge presentes vnto the. 30 Reproue the beestes amonge the redes, the heape of bulles with the calues: those that dryue for money. Oh scatre the people that delyte in batayle. 31 The prynces shal come out of Egipte, the Morians lode shal stretch out hir hondes vnto God. 32 Synge vnto God, o ye kyngdomes of the earth: o synge prayses vnto the LORDE. 33 Sela. Which sytteth in the heauens ouer all fro the begynnge: Lo, he shal sende out his voyce, yee and that a mightie voyce. 34 Ascrybe ye the power vnto God, his glory is in Israel, and his might in the cloudes. 35 God is wonderfull in his Sanctuary, he is the God of Israel, he will geue strength and power vnto his people. Blessed be God.