Psalms 68

  1 H430 Let God H6965 arise! H341 Let his enemies H6327 be scattered! H8130 Let them who hate H5127 him also flee H6440 before him.
  2 H6227 As smoke H5086 is driven away, H5086 so drive them away. H1749 As wax H4549 melts H6440 before H784 the fire, H7563 so let the wicked H6 perish H6440 at the presence H430 of God.
  3 H6662 But let the righteous H8055 be glad. H5970 Let them rejoice H6440 before H430 God. H7797 Yes, let them rejoice H8057 with gladness.
  4 H7891 Sing H430 to God! H2167 Sing praises H8034 to his name! H5549 Extol H7392 him who rides H6160 on the clouds: H3050 to Yah, H8034 his name! H5937 Rejoice H6440 before him!
  5 H1 A father H3490 of the fatherless, H1781 and a defender H490 of the widows, H430 is God H6944 in his holy H4583 habitation.
  6 H430 God H3427 sets H3173 the lonely H1004 in families. H3318 He brings out H615 the prisoners H3574 with singing, H5637 but the rebellious H7931 dwell H6707 in a sun-scorched land.
  7 H430 God, H3318 when you went forth H6440 before H5971 your people, H6805 when you marched H3452 through the wilderness... H5542 Selah.
  8 H776 The earth H7493 trembled. H8064 The sky H5197 also poured H6440 down rain at the presence H430 of the God H2088 of H5514 Sinai— H6440 at the presence H430 of God, H430 the God H3478 of Israel.
  9 H430 You, God, H5130 sent H5071 a plentiful H1653 rain. H3559 You confirmed H5159 your inheritance, H3811 when it was weary.
  10 H2416 Your congregation H3427 lived H430 therein. You, God, H3559 prepared H2896 your goodness H6041 for the poor.
  11 H136 The Lord H5414 announced H562 the word. H1319 The ones who proclaim H7227 it are a great H6635 company.
  12 H4428 "Kings H6635 of armies H5074 flee! H5074 They flee!" H5116 She who waits H1004 at home H2505 divides H7998 the spoil,
  13 H7901 while you sleep H8240 among the campfires, H3671 the wings H3123 of a dove H2645 sheathed H3701 with silver, H3671 her feathers H3422 with shining H2742 gold.
  14 H7706 When the Almighty H6566 scattered H4428 kings H7949 in her, it snowed H6756 on Zalmon.
  15 H2022 The mountains H430 of Bashan H2022 are majestic mountains. H2022 The mountains H1316 of Bashan H1386 are rugged.
  16 H7520 Why do you look H1386 in envy, you rugged H2022 mountains, H2022 at the mountain H430 where God H2530 chooses H3427 to reign? H3068 Yes, Yahweh H7931 will dwell H5331 there forever.
  17 H7393 The chariots H430 of God H7239 are tens of thousands H7239 and thousands H8136 of thousands. H136 The Lord H5514 is among them, from Sinai, H6944 into the sanctuary.
  18 H5927 You have ascended H4791 on high. H7628 You have led away H7628 captives. H3947 You have received H4979 gifts H120 among men, H5637 yes, among the rebellious H3050 also, that Yah H430 God H7931 might dwell there.
  19 H1288 Blessed H136 be the Lord, H3117 who daily H6006 bears H410 our burdens, even the God H3444 who is our salvation. H5542 Selah.
  20 H410 God H410 is to us a God H4190 of deliverance. H136 To Yahweh, H136 the Lord, H8444 belongs escape H4194 from death.
  21 H430 But God H4272 will strike H7218 through the head H341 of his enemies, H8181 the hairy H6936 scalp H1980 of such a one as still H817 continues in his guiltiness.
  22 H136 The Lord H559 said, H7725 "I will bring you again H1316 from Bashan, H7725 I will bring you again H4688 from the depths H3220 of the sea;
  23 H4272 That you may crush them, dipping H7272 your foot H1818 in blood, H3956 that the tongues H3611 of your dogs H341 may have their portion from your enemies."
  24 H7200 They have seen H1979 your processions, H430 God, H1979 even the processions H410 of my God, H4428 my King, H6944 into the sanctuary.
  25 H7891 The singers H6923 went before, H5059 the minstrels H310 followed after, H8432 in the midst H5959 of the ladies H8608 playing with tambourines,
  26 H1288 "Bless H430 God H4721 in the congregations, H136 even the Lord H4726 in the assembly H3478 of Israel!"
  27 H6810 There is little H1144 Benjamin, H7287 their ruler, H8269 the princes H3063 of Judah, H7277 their council, H8269 the princes H2074 of Zebulun, H8269 and the princes H5321 of Naphtali.
  28 H430 Your God H6680 has commanded H5797 your strength. H5810 Strengthen, H430 God, H2098 that which H6466 you have done for us.
  29 H1964 Because of your temple H3389 at Jerusalem, H4428 kings H2986 shall bring H7862 presents to you.
  30 H1605 Rebuke H2416 the wild animal H7070 of the reeds, H5712 the multitude H47 of the bulls, H5695 with the calves H5971 of the peoples. H7511 Being humbled, H7518 may it bring bars H3701 of silver. H967 Scatter H5971 the nations H2654 that delight H7128 in war.
  31 H2831 Princes H857 shall come out H4714 of Egypt. H3568 Ethiopia H7323 shall hurry to stretch out H3027 her hands H430 to God.
  32 H7891 Sing H430 to God, H4467 you kingdoms H776 of the earth! H2167 Sing praises H136 to the Lord! H5542 Selah.
  33 H7392 To him who rides H8064 on the heaven H8064 of heavens, H6924 which are of old; H5414 behold, he utters H6963 his voice, H5797 a mighty H6963 voice.
  34 H5414 Ascribe H5797 strength H430 to God! H1346 His excellency H3478 is over Israel, H5797 his strength H7834 is in the skies.
  35 H3372 You are awesome, H430 God, H4720 in your sanctuaries. H410 The God H3478 of Israel H5414 gives H5797 strength H5797 and power H5971 to his people. H1288 Praise H430 be to God!