Psalms 68

Great(i) 1 To the chaunter, a Psalme and songe of Dauid. Let God aryse, and let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him, flye before him. 2 Like as the smoke vanysheth, so shalt thou dryue them awaye: and lyke as waxe melteth at the fyre: so let the vngodly perysh at the presence of God. 3 But let the ryghteous be glad & reioyse before God: let them also be mery and ioyfull. 4 Oh synge vnto God, and synge prayses vnto his name: magnyfie him that rydeth vpon the heauens as it were vpon a horse: prayse ye him in his name Ia & reioyse before him. 5 He is a father of the fatherlesse, and defendeth the cause of wyddowes: euen God in his holy habitacion. 6 He is the God that maketh men to be of one mynde in a house, and bryngeth the presoners out of captiuyte, but letteth the rennagates contynue in scarcenesse. 7 O God, when thou wentest forth before the people, when thou wentest thorow the wyldernesse. Sela. 8 The earth shoke, and the heauens dropped at the presence of God, euen as Sinai also was moued at the presence of God, which is the God of Israel. 9 Thou O God sendedst a gracyous rayne vpon thyne enheritaunce, and refresshedst it, when it was weerye 10 Thy congregacyon shall dwell therin: For thou (O God) hast of thy goodnesse prepared for the poore. 11 The Lorde gaue the worde: greate was the company of the preachers. 12 Kynges with theyr armyes dyd flye, and were discomfited, and they of the houshold deuyded the spoyle. 13 Though ye haue lyen amonge the pottes, yet shall ye be as the wynges of a doue that is couered with syluer wynges, and hir fethers lyke golde. 14 When the Almyghty scatred kynges for their sake, then were they as white as snowe in Zalmon. 15 As the hyll of Basan so is Gods hyll: euen a hye hill as the hyll of Basan. 16 Why hoppe ye so ye hye hylles? Thys is Gods hill, in the which it pleaseth him to dwell: yee, the Lorde will abyde in it for euer. 17 The charettes of God are twentie thousande, euen thousandes of angels, and the Lord is amonge them as in the holy place of Sinai. 18 Thou art gone vp an hye, thou hast led captiuitye captiue, and receaued gyftes for men. Yee, euen for thyne enemies, that the Lorde God myght dwell amonge them. 19 Praysed be the Lorde dayly, euen the God which helpeth vs, and poureth his benefytes vpon vs. Sela. 20 He is oure God, euen the God of whom commeth saluacion: God is the Lorde by whom we escape death. 21 God shall wounde the heade of his enemies, and the hearie scalpe of soch one as goeth on still in his wickednes. 22 The Lord hath sayde: I will bringe my people agayne as I dyd from Basan: myne owne wyll I brynge agayne as I dyd somtyme from the depe of the see. 23 That thy fote may be dipped in the bloude of thyne enemyes, and that the tong of thy dogges maye be redd thorow the same. 24 It is well sene, O God, how thou goest, how thou my God and kynge goest in the Sanctuary. 25 The syngers go before, the mynstrels folow after: in the myddes are the damosels playeng with the tymbrels. 26 Geue thankes O Israell, vnto God the Lorde in the congregacions from the grounde of the hart. 27 There is lytle BenIamin their ruler: and the Princes of Iuda, their councell: the Princes of Zabulon, and the Prynces of Nephthali. 28 Thy God hath sent forth strength for the, stablysh the thing, O God, that thou hast wrought in vs. 29 For thy temples sake at Ierusalem: so shall kynges brynge presentes vnto the. 30 Whan the company of the speare men and multytude of the mightye are scatred abroade amonge the beastes of the people (so that they humbly bring peces of syluer) and whan he hath scatred the people that delyte in warre. 31 Then shall the Prynces come out of Egypte, the Morians land shall soone stretch out her handes vnto God. 32 Synge vnto God, O ye kyngdomes of the earth: O syng prayses vnto the Lord. Sela. 33 Which sytteth in the heauens ouer all from the begynnynge: Lo, he doth sende out hys voyce, yee, and that a myghtie voyce. 34 Ascrybe ye the power vnto God, ouer Israel: his worshypp & strength is in the cloudes. 35 O God, wonderfull art thou in thy holy places: euen the God of Israell, he will geue strength and power vnto his people. Blessed be God.