Isaiah 57

Thomson(i) 1 You see how a righteous one was destroyed, and no one layeth it to heart. And righteous men are taken away, and no one observeth, that on account of iniquity the righteous one was taken away. 2 His sepulture shall be in peace. He is taken from among you. 3 But as for you, draw near hither, ye lawless sons! ye seed of adulterers and of fornication! 4 in what have you indulged yourselves? and at whom have you opened your mouth, and at whom lolled your tongue? are you not children of destruction; a lawless race? 5 invoking idols under shady trees, slaying your children in the valleys among the rocks? 6 This shall be thy portion; this thy lot; as thou hast poured out libations to them and to them offered up sacrifices, shall I not for these things be incensed? 7 On a high and lofty mountain thou hast made thy bed, and caused thy sacrifice to ascend thither; 8 and behind the posts of thy doors thou hast set up thy memorial. Didst thou think, that, if thou departedst from me, thou shouldst have something more? Thou hast loved them who lay with thee 9 and multiplied thy fornication with them, and hast done it with many who are far from thee; and hast sent ambassadors beyond thy borders; and humbled thyself even to Hades; 10 With thy long journies thou hast wearied thyself and hast not said, "I will take some rest." Because in thy full strength thou hast done this; therefore thou shouldst not supplicate me. 11 Of whom hast thou been so anxiously afraid that thou hast dealt falsely with me, and has not remembered nor taken me into thy thoughts, nor into thy heart? When I saw and neglected thee thou didst not fear me. 12 Now I will declare my righteousness and thine evil deeds which shall not avail thee. 13 lo When thou criest; let them deliver thee in thine affliction. A wind indeed shall overtake them all; and a whirlwind shall sweep them away. But they who adhere to me shall possess the land, and inherit my holy mountain. 14 And they will say. Clear the ways before him, remove obstructions out of the road of my people. 15 Thus saith the Most High, who on earth inhabiteth eternity, who is Holy among holies; whose name is THE MOST HIGH; who at rest in the holies giveth patience to the humble, and life to them who are of a contrite heart; 16 I will not contend with you forever, nor will I be continually angry with you, for from me spirit is to proceed and I have made every breathing soul. 17 Because of sin I grieved him a little while and smote him and turned away my face from him; and he was grieved and went his ways sorrowing; 18 I have seen his ways and healed him, and comforted him, and given him true consolation; 19 peace upon peace to them near and to them far off. So the Lord said, I will heal them. 20 But the wicked shall be tossed like waves and shall not be able to rest. "There is no peace, "said God, "to the wicked."