Isaiah 57

  1 H6662 The righteous H6 perishes, H376 and no man H7760 lays H3820 it to heart; H2617 and merciful H582 men H622 are taken away, H995 none considering H6662 that the righteous H622 is taken away H6440 from H7451 the evil.
  2 H935 He enters H7965 into peace; H5117 they rest H4904 in their beds, H1980 each one who walks H5228 in his uprightness.
  3 H7126 "But draw near H1121 here, you sons H6049 of the sorceress, H2233 the seed H5003 of the adulterer H2181 and the prostitute.
  4 H6026 Against whom do you sport H7337 yourselves? Against whom do you make a wide H6310 mouth, H748 and stick out H3956 your tongue? H3206 Aren't you children H6588 of disobedience, H2233 a seed H8267 of falsehood,
  5 H2552 you who inflame H410 yourselves among the oaks, H7488 under every green H6086 tree; H7819 who kill H3206 the children H5158 in the valleys, H5585 under the clefts H5553 of the rocks?
  6 H2511 Among the smooth H5158 stones of the valley H2506 is your portion; H1486 they, they are your lot; H8210 you have even poured H5262 a drink offering H5927 to them. You have offered H4503 an offering. H5162 Shall I be appeased for these things?
  7 H5375 On a high H1364 and lofty H2022 mountain H7760 you have set H4904 your bed; H5927 there also you went up H2076 to offer H2077 sacrifice.
  8 H310 Behind H1817 the doors H4201 and the posts H7760 you have set up H2146 your memorial: H1540 for you have uncovered H5927 to someone besides me, and have gone up; H7337 you have enlarged H4904 your bed, H3772 and made H157 you a covenant with them: you loved H4904 their bed H3027 where H2372 you saw it.
  9 H7788 You went H4428 to the king H8081 with oil, H7235 and increased H7547 your perfumes, H7971 and sent H6735 your ambassadors H7350 far off, H8213 and debased H7585 yourself even to Sheol.
  10 H3021 You were wearied H7230 with the length H1870 of your way; H559 yet you didn't say, H2976 ‘It is in vain.' H4672 You found H2416 a reviving H3027 of your strength; H2470 therefore you weren't faint.
  11 H1672 "Of whom have you been afraid H3372 and in fear, H3576 that you lie, H2142 and have not remembered H7760 me, nor laid H3820 it to your heart? H2814 Haven't I held my peace H5769 even of long time, H3372 and you don't fear me?
  12 H5046 I will declare H6666 your righteousness; H4639 and as for your works, H3276 they shall not profit you.
  13 H2199 When you cry, H5337 let those who you have gathered deliver H7307 you; but the wind H3947 shall take H1892 them, a breath H5375 shall carry them all away: H3947 but he who takes H2620 refuge H5157 in me shall possess H776 the land, H3423 and shall inherit H6944 my holy H2022 mountain."
  14 H559 He will say, H5549 "Cast up, H5549 cast up, H6437 prepare H1870 the way, H7311 take up H4383 the stumbling-block H1870 out of the way H5971 of my people."
  15 H559 For thus says H7311 the high H5375 and lofty One H7931 who inhabits H5703 eternity, H8034 whose name H6918 is Holy: H7931 "I dwell H4791 in the high H6918 and holy H1793 place, with him also who is of a contrite H8217 and humble H7307 spirit, H2421 to revive H7307 the spirit H8217 of the humble, H2421 and to revive H3820 the heart H1792 of the contrite.
  16 H7378 For I will not contend H5769 forever, H5331 neither will I be always H7107 angry; H7307 for the spirit H5848 would faint H6440 before H5397 me, and the souls H6213 who I have made.
  17 H5771 For the iniquity H1215 of his covetousness H7107 was I angry, H5221 and struck H5641 him; I hid H7107 myself and was angry; H3212 and he went on H7726 backsliding H1870 in the way H3820 of his heart.
  18 H7200 I have seen H1870 his ways, H7495 and will heal H5148 him: I will lead H7999 him also, and restore H5150 comforts H57 to him and to his mourners.
  19 H1254 I create H5108 the fruit H8193 of the lips: H7965 Peace, H7965 peace, H7350 to him who is far off H7138 and to him who is near," H559 says H3068 Yahweh; H7495 "and I will heal them."
  20 H7563 But the wicked H1644 are like the troubled H3220 sea; H3201 for it can't H8252 rest, H4325 and its waters H1644 cast up H7516 mire H2916 and dirt.
  21 H7965 "There is no peace," H559 says H430 my God, H7563 "for the wicked."