Isaiah 18

Thomson(i) 1 Ah! wings of the land of ships! Thou who surpassest the Ethiopian streams, 2 thou who art sending pledges by sea, and paper messages on the water; for swift messengers will go to a lofty nation, and to a strange and fierce people. There is one far transcending it. With regard to the nation without hope and trodden down, 3 at this time, all ye streams of that land, like an inhabited country, their country shall be inhabited. As if a signal were displayed from a mountain, as with the sound of a trumpet, 4 let the news be spread. For thus hath the Lord said to me, "There shall be safety in this city of mine; like the light of noontide heat; and it shall be like a dewy cloud in a harvest day." 5 Before the vintage, when the blossom is perfect, and the young grape is swelling in the blossom; the diminutive bunches are to be cut off with pruning hooks, and the small shoots, to be nipped off and cut away, 6 and left together for the birds of the air, and for the wild beasts of the earth. And against them will be gathered all the birds of the air; and all the wild beasts of the earth will come upon it. 7 At that time gifts will be brought to the Lord of Hosts from a people afflicted and peeled; even on account of a people great from this time and forever. A nation having hope, though trodden down, which is in a part of the river of its country, will send them to the place of him, whose name is the Lord of Hosts, even to mount Sion.