Proverbs 16

Matthew(i) 1 A man may wel purpose a thinge in his herte, but the answere of the tong commeth of the Lord, 2 A man thynketh al his waies to be cleane, but it is the Lord that fashyoneth the mindes 3 Commit thy workes the Lord, and loke what thou deuisest, it shal prospere. 4 The Lorde doth al thynges for hys owne sake, yea when he kepeth the vngodly for the day of wrath. 5 The Lorde abhorreth all presumptuous & proude hertes, ther may neyther strength ner powere scape. 6 With louyng mercye and fayethfulnesse synnes be forgeuen, and who so feareth the Lorde, he eschueth euell. 7 When a mans ways please the Lord, he maketh his very enemies to be hys frendes. 8 Better is it to haue a lyttle thinge with rightuousnes, then greate rentes wrngeously gotten. 9 A man deuyseth awaye in his herte, but it is the Lorde that ordreth hys goynges. 10 When the prophecye is in the lyppes of the kynge, hys mouth shal not go wronge in iudgment. 11 A true measure and a true balaunce are the Lordes, he maketh all weightes. 12 It is a great abhominatyon when kynges are wycked, for a kinges seat should be holden vp wyth ryghtuousnesse 13 Ryghtuous lyppes are pleasaunte vnto kynges, and they loue hym that speaketh the trueth. 14 The kynges dyspleasure is a messaunger of deathe, but a wyse man wyll pacyfye hym. 15 The chearefull conntenaunce of the kynge is lyfe, and hys louynge fauoure is as the euenynge dewe. 16 To haue wysdome in possesstion is better then gold, & to get vnderstanding is more worth then siluer. 17 The path of the rightuous eschueth euel, & who so loketh wel to his waies, kepeth hys owne soule. 18 Presumptuousnes goth before destruction, & after aproud stomake ther foloweth a fall. 19 Better is it to be of humble mynde with the lowly, then to deuyde the spoyles wyth the proud. 20 He that handleth a matter wisely, opteineth good: and blessed is he, that putteth his trust in the Lord 21 Who so hath a wyse vnderstanding, is called to councel but he that canne speake faire getteth more riches. 22 Vnderstanding is a wel of lyfe vnto him that hath it, as for the chastenyng of foles, it is but folishnesse. 23 The hert of the wyse enfourm his moueth, and amendeth the doctryne in his lyps. 24 Fayre wordes are an hony combe, a refreshynge of the mynde, and helth of the bones. 25 Ther is away that men thinke to be right but the ende thereof leadeth vnto death. 26 A troublous soule dysquyeteth her selfe, for her owne mouth hath brought her therto. 27 An vngodly personne styreth vp euell, and in hys lipps he is as an whote burnyng fyre. 28 A frowarde bodye causeth stryfe, and he that is a blabbe of his tonge, maketh deuisyon amonge princes. 29 A wycked man begyleth hys neyghbour, and leadeth hym the waye that is not good. 30 He that wyncketh wyth his eyes, ymagineth mischife: and he that byteth his lyppes wyll do some harme. 31 Age is a crowne of worshippe, if it be founde in the waye of ryghtuousnes. 32 A pacyente man is better then one stronge: and he that can rule him selfe, is more worth then he that winneth a city. 33 The lotts are caste into the lappe, but there fal standeth in the Lorde.