Proverbs 16

Bishops(i) 1 A man may wel purpose a thyng in his heart: but the aunswere of the tongue commeth of the Lorde 2 A man thynketh all his wayes to be cleane: but it is the Lorde that iudgeth the myndes 3 Commit thy workes vnto the Lorde: and what thou deuisest it shall prosper 4 The Lorde hath made all thynges for his owne sake: yea, the vngodly for the day of wrath 5 The Lorde abhorreth all such as be of a proude heart: and though hande be ioyned in hande, yet they shall not be vnpunished 6 With mercie and faythfulnesse sinnes be forgeuen: and by the feare of the Lorde euyll is eschewed 7 When a mans wayes please the Lord, he maketh his very enemies to be his frendes 8 Better it is to haue a litle with ryghteousnesse, then great rentes wrongfully gotten 9 A man deuiseth a way in his heart: but it is the Lorde that ordereth his goynges 10 When the prophecie is in the lippes of the kyng, his mouth shall not go wrong in iudgement 11 A true wayght and ballaunce are the Lordes iudgement: all the wayghtes of the bagge are his worke 12 Wicked doers are an abhomination to the kyng, for a kynges seate shoulde be holden vp with ryghteousnesse 13 Ryghteous lippes are pleasaunt vnto kynges, and them that speaketh the trueth shall he loue 14 The kinges displeasure is a messenger of death: but a wise man wyll pacifie hym 15 The chearfull countenaunce of the kyng is life: and his louyng fauour is as a cloude of the latter rayne 16 To haue wisdome in possession, is better then to haue golde: and to get vnderstandyng, is rather to be chosen then to haue siluer 17 The path of the ryghteous is to eschewe euyll, and who so loketh well to his wayes, kepeth his owne soule 18 Pryde goeth before destruction, and an hygh mynde before the fall 19 Better it is to be of humble mynde with the lowly, the to deuide the spoyles with the proude 20 He that handleth a matter wisely obteyneth good: and blessed is he that putteth his trust in the Lorde 21 Who so is wyse in heart, shalbe called prudent: and the sweetnesse of his lippes encreaseth learnyng 22 Vnderstandyng is a well of lyfe vnto hym that hath it: as for the chastenyng of fooles it is but foolishnesse 23 A wyse heart ordereth his mouth wisely, and ministreth learnyng vnto his lippes 24 Fayre wordes are an hony combe, a refresshyng of the mynde, and health of the bones 25 There is a way that men thynke to be ryght: but the ende therof leadeth vnto death 26 A troublous soule disquieteth her selfe, for her owne mouth hath brought her therto 27 An vngodly person stirreth vp euyll, and in his lippes he is as an hotte burnyng fyre 28 A frowarde body causeth strife: and he that is a blabbe of his tongue maketh deuision among princes 29 A wicked man beguyleth his neyghbour, and leadeth hym into the way that is not good 30 He shutteth his eyes to deuise mischiefe: and moueth his lippes to bryng euyll to passe 31 Age is a crowne of worshyp, yf it be founde in the way of ryghteousnesse 32 A patient man is better the one strong: and he that can rule hym selfe, is more worth then he that wynneth a citie 33 The lottes are cast into the lappe: but the orderyng therof standeth all in the Lorde