Proverbs 16

Coverdale(i) 1 A man maye well purpose a thinge in his harte, but ye answere of ye tonge cometh of ye LORDE. 2 A ma thinketh all his waies to be clene, but it is ye LORDE yt fashioneth ye myndes. 3 Commytte thy workes vnto ye LORDE, and loke what thou deuysest, it shal prospere. 4 The LORDE doth all thinges for his owne sake, yee & when he kepeth ye vngodly for ye daye of wrath. 5 The LORDE abhorreth all presumptuous & proude hertes, there maye nether strength ner power escape. 6 With louynge mercy & faithfulnesse synnes be forgeuen, and who so feareth ye LORDE eschueth euell. 7 When a mans wayes please ye LORDE, he maketh his very enemies to be his frendes. 8 Better is it to haue a litle thinge wt rightuousnes, the greate rentes wrongeously gotten. 9 A ma deuyseth a waye in his herte, but it is ye LORDE yt ordreth his goinges. 10 When ye prophecy is in ye lippes of ye kynge, his mouth shal not go wroge in iudgment. 11 A true measure & a true balauce are ye LORDES, he maketh all weightes. 12 It is a greate abhominacio when kynges are wycked, for a kynges seate shulde be holden vp wt righteousnesse. 13 Righteous lippes are pleasaut vnto kynges, and they loue him yt speaketh ye trueth. 14 The kynges displeasure is a messaunger of death, but a wyse man wyl pacifie him. 15 The cherefull countenauce of ye kynge is life, and his louynge fauor is as the euenynge dewe. 16 To haue wy?dome in possession is better then golde, and to get vnderstondynge, is more worth then syluer. 17 The path of ye righteous eschueth euell, & who so loketh well to his wayes, kepeth his owne soule. 18 Presumptuousnes goeth before destruccion, and after a proude stomake there foloweth a fall. 19 Better it is to be of humble mynde wt the lowly, then to deuyde ye spoyles wt ye proude. 20 He yt handleth a matter wysely, opteyneth good: & blessed is he, yt putteth his trust in ye LORDE. 21 Who so hath a wyse vnderstondinge, is called to councell: but he yt can speake fayre, getteth more riches. 22 Vnderstondinge is a well of life vnto him yt hath it, as for ye chastenynge of fooles, it is but foolishnesse. 23 The herte of the wyse enfourmeth his mouth, and amendeth ye doctryne in his lyppes. 24 Fayre wordes are an hony combe, a refreshinge of ye mynde, & health of ye bones. 25 There is a waye yt men thinke to be right, but the ende therof leadeth vnto death. 26 A troublous soule disquyeteth hir selfe, for hir owne mouth hath brought her therto. 27 An vngodly personne stereth vp euell, and in his lippes he is as an whote burnynge fyre. 28 A frowarde body causeth strife, and he yt is a blabbe of his tonge, maketh deuysion amonge prynces. 29 A wicked ma begyleth his neghbor, & ledeth him ye waye yt is not good. 30 He that wyncketh wt his eyes, ymagineth myschefe: and he yt byteth his lippes, wyl do some harme. 31 Age is a crowne of worshipe, yf it be founde in the waye of righteousnes. 32 A pacient man is better then one that is stroge: and he that can rule him selfe, is more worth then he yt wynneth a cite. 33 The lottes are cast in to the lappe, but their fall stodeth in the LORDE.