Luke 19

Matthew(i) 1 And he entred in and went thorowe Hierico. 2 And behold, ther was a man named Zacheus, which was a ruler amonge the Publicans, and was riche also. 3 And he made meanes to se Iesus, what he shulde be, and coulde not for the prease, because he was of a lowe stature. 4 Wherfore he ran before and ascended vp into a wylde figge tree, to se him: for he should come that same way. 5 And when Iesu came to the place, he loked vp and sawe hym, and sayed vnto hym: Zache, attonce come doune, for to daye I must abyde at thy house. 6 And he came doune hastelye & receyued hym ioyfullye. 7 And when they sawe that, they al groundged saiyng: He is gone into tarye with a man that is a synner. 8 And Zache stode forthe and sayed vnto the Lord, beholde Lord, the haulfe of my goodes I geue to the pore, and yf I haue done anye man wronge, I wyl restore hym foure folde: 9 And Iesus sayed to him: this daye is healthe come vnto thys house, for as muche as it also is become the chyld of Abraham. 10 For the sonne of man is come to seke, and to saue that which was loste. 11 As they hearde these thynges, he added therto a similitude, because he was nye to Hierusalem, and because also they thoughte that the kyngdome of God should shortly appere. 12 He sayde therfore: a certayne noble man wente into a farre countre, to receyue him a kyngdome, and then to come agayne. 13 And he called hys ten seruauntes, & deliuered them ten pounde saiynge vnto them? by and sell tyll I come. 14 But hys citisens hated hym, and sente messengers after hym, saiynge: we will not haue thys man to reygne ouer vs. 15 And it came to passe, when he was come agayne, and had receyued hys kyngdome, he commaunded these seruauntes, to be called to him (to whom he gaue hys money) to wyt what euery man had done. 16 Then came the fyrste saiynge: Lorde, thy pounde hath encreased ten pounde. 17 And he sayde vnto hym. Well good seruaunte, because thou waste faythful in a very lytell thynge, take thou authoritye ouer ten cities. 18 And the other came, saying: Lorde thy pounde hath encreased fyue pound. 19 And to the same he sayde, and be thou also ruler ouer .v. cities. 20 And the .iij. came & sayde: Lorde, behold here thy pounde, whiche I haue kept in a napkyn, 21 for I feared the, because thou art a strayt man, thou takest vp that thou laydest not doune, and reapest that thou dyddest not sowe. 22 And he sayde to him: Of thyne owne mouthe iudge I the thou euil seruaunt. Knowest thou that I am a strayte man takyng vp that I layde not doune, and reapyng that I did not sowe? 23 Wherfore then gauest not thou my money into the banke, that at my commynge I mighte haue requyred myne owne with vauntage. 24 And he sayed to them that stode by: take from hym that pounde, and geue it hym that hath ten pounde. 25 And they sayde vnto him: Lorde, he hath ten pounde. 26 I saye vnto you, that vnto all them that haue, it shalbe geuen: and from hym that hath not, euen that he hath shalbe taken from hym. 27 Moreouer those myne enemyes which woulde not that I should raigne ouer them, brynge hyther, and slea them before me. 28 And when he had thus spoken, he proceded forthe ascendyng vp to Ierusalem. 29 And it fortuned, when he was come nye Bethphage and Bethanye, besydes mounte oliuete, he sente two of hys disciples, 30 saiynge: Go ye into the toune whiche is ouer againste you, In the whiche assone as ye are come, ye shall fynde a colt tyed, whereon yet neuer man sate. Lewse him, and bring him hither. 31 And yf anye man axe you, why that ye lewse him: thus say vnto him: the Lorde hath nede of hym. 32 They that were sente, wente theyr waye, & founde as he had sayed vnto them. 33 And as they were alewsynge the colte, the owners sayed vnto them: why lewse ye the colte? 34 And they sayed: for the Lorde hath nede of hym. 35 And they broughte hym to Iesus. And they caste theyr raymente on the colte, and set Iesus theron. 36 And as he wente, they sprede theyr clothes in the waye. 37 And when he was nowe come, where he shoulde go doune from the mount Oliuete, the whole multitude of the discyples beganne to reioyce, and to laude God with a loude voyce for all the myracles that they had sene, 38 saying: Blessed be the kyng that cometh in the name of the Lorde: peace in heauen, and glorye in the hyest. 39 And some of the Phariseis of the companye sayde vnto him: Mayster rebuke thy disciples. 40 He aunswered and sayed vnto them: I tell you, yf these shoulde holde theyr peace, the stones woulde crye. 41 And when he was come neare, he behelde the citie, and wept on it, 42 saiyng: Yf thou haddest knowen those thynges which belong vnto thy peace, euen at thys thy tyme. But now are they hydde from thyne eyes. 43 For the dayes shall come vpon the, that thyne enemyes shal cast a banke aboute the, & compasse the round and kepe the on euerye syde, 44 and make the euen with the grounde, with children whiche are in the. And they shall not leaue in the one stone vpon another, because thou knowest not the tyme of thy visitacyon. 45 And he went into the temple, and beganne to cast oute them that solde therin, and them that boughte, 46 saiyng vnto them, it is wryten: my house is the house of prayer, but ye haue made it a den of theues. 47 And he taught daily in the temple. The hye Priestes and the Scribes and the chiefe of the people wente about to destroye hym, 48 but coulde not fynde what to do. For all the people stacke by hym, and gaue hym audience.