Hebrews 8

Matthew(i) 1 Of the thynges which we haue spoken this is the pythe: that we haue suche an hye prieste that is sytten on the ryght hande of the seate of maiestye in heauen, 2 and is a mynyster of holye thynges, and of the verye tabernacle whiche God pyghte, & not man. 3 For euerye hye prieste is ordeyned to offer gyftes and sacryfyces: wherfore it is of necessitye that thys man haue some what also to offer, 4 for he were not a prieste, yf he were on the earth, where are priestes that according to the lawe offer gyftes, 5 whiche priestes serue vnto the ensample and shadowe of heauenly thynges: euen as the aunswer of God was geuen vnto Moses when he was aboute to fynyshe the tabernacle. Take hede (sayde he) that thou make all thynges accordynge to the patrone shewed to the in the mounte. 6 Nowe hath he obtayned a more excellente offyce, in as muche as he is the medyator of a better testamente, whiche was made for better promyses. 7 For yf that fyrste testamente had bene faultlesse then shoulde no place haue bene soughte for the seconde. 8 For in rebukyng them he sayth: beholde the dayes wyll come (sayeth the Lorde) and I wyll fynyshe vpon the house of Israel, and vpon the house of Iuda, 9 a newe testamente: not lyke the testament that I made wyth theyr fathers at that tyme when I toke them by the handes, to leade them oute of the lande of Egypte, for they continued not in my testamente, and I regarded them not sayth the Lorde. 10 For thys is the testament that I will make wyth the house of Israel: After those dayes sayth the Lorde: I wyl put my lawes in their myndes, and in theyr hertes I wyl wryte them and I wyll be theyr God, and they shall be my people. 11 And they shall not teache euerye man hys neyghboure, and euerye man hys brother, saiynge: knowe the Lorde: For they shall knowe me, from the leste to the most of them: 12 For I wyll be mercyfull ouer theyr vnryghtuousnes, and on theyr synnes & on theyr iniquities. 13 In that he sayth a newe testament he hath abrogate the olde. Now that which is dysanulled and waxed olde, is readye to vanyshe awaye.