Hebrews 8

  1 G1161 Now G3004 of the things which we have spoken G2774 this is the sum: G2192 We have G5108 such G749 an high G749 priest, G3739 who G2523 is set G1722 on G1188 the right G2362 hand of the throne G3172 of the Majesty G3772 in the heavens;
  2 G3011 A minister G39 of the sanctuary, G228 and of the true G4633 tabernacle, G3739 which G2962 the Lord G4078 pitched, G444 and not man.
  3 G3956 For every G749 high G749 priest G2525 is ordained G4374 to offer G1435 gifts G2378 and sacrifices: G3606 why G316 it is of necessity G5126 that this G2192 man have G5100 somewhat G2532 also G4374 to offer.
  4 G1487 For if G1909 he were on G1093 earth, G2409 he should not be a priest, G2409 seeing that there are priests G4374 that offer G1435 gifts G2596 according G3551 to the law:
  5 G3748 Who G3000 serve G5262 to the example G4639 and shadow G2032 of heavenly G3475 things, as Moses G5537 was admonished G5537 of God G3195 when he was about G2005 to make G4633 the tabernacle: G3708 for, See, G5346 said G4160 he, that you make G3956 all G2596 things according G5179 to the pattern G1166 showed G3735 to you in the mount.
  6 G3570 But now G5177 has he obtained G1313 a more excellent G3009 ministry, G3745 by how G3745 much G2532 also G3316 he is the mediator G2909 of a better G1242 covenant, G3748 which G3549 was established G2909 on better G1860 promises.
  7 G1487 For if G4413 that first G2258 covenant had been G273 faultless, G3756 then should no G5117 place G2212 have been sought G1208 for the second.
  8 G3201 For finding fault G3004 with them, he said, G2400 Behold, G2250 the days G2064 come, G3004 said G2962 the Lord, G4931 when I will make G2537 a new G1242 covenant G3624 with the house G2474 of Israel G3624 and with the house G2455 of Judah:
  9 G2596 Not according G1242 to the covenant G4160 that I made G3962 with their fathers G2250 in the day G1949 when I took G5495 them by the hand G1806 to lead G1093 them out of the land G125 of Egypt; G3754 because G1696 they continued G1242 not in my covenant, G272 and I regarded G3004 them not, said G2962 the Lord.
  10 G3778 For this G1242 is the covenant G1303 that I will make G3624 with the house G2474 of Israel G3326 after G1565 those G2250 days, G3004 said G2962 the Lord; G1325 I will put G3551 my laws G1519 into G1271 their mind, G1924 and write G2588 them in their hearts: G2316 and I will be to them a God, G2992 and they shall be to me a people:
  11 G1321 And they shall not teach G1538 every G4139 man his neighbor, G1538 and every G80 man his brother, G3004 saying, G1097 Know G2962 the Lord: G3956 for all G1492 shall know G3398 me, from the least G3173 to the greatest.
  12 G2436 For I will be merciful G93 to their unrighteousness, G266 and their sins G458 and their iniquities G3415 will I remember G3364 no G2089 more.
  13 G3004 In that he said, G2537 A new G3822 covenant, he has made G4413 the first G3822 old. G1161 Now G3822 that which decays G1095 and waxes G1095 old G1451 is ready G854 to vanish away.