Hebrews 8

Tyndale(i) 1 Of the thynges which we have spoke this is the pyth: that we have soche an hye preste that is sitten on ye right honde of the seate of maieste in heven 2 and is a minister of holy thynges and of the very tabernacle which God pyght and not ma. 3 For every hye prest is ordeyned to offer gyftes and sacryfises wherfore it is of necessitie that this man have somewhat also to offer. 4 For he were not a preste yf he were on ye erth where are prestes that acordynge to ye lawe 5 offer giftes which prestes serve vnto ye ensample and shadowe of hevenly thynges: even as the answer of God was geven vnto Moses when he was about to fynnishe the tabernacle: Take hede (sayde he) that thou make all thynges accordynge to the patrone shewed to the in the mount. 6 Now hath he obtayned a more excellent office in as moche as he is the mediator of a better testament which was made for better promyses. 7 For yf that fyrst testament had bene fautelesse: then shuld no place have bene sought for the seconde. 8 For in rebukynge them he sayth: Beholde the dayes will come (sayth the lorde) and I will fynnyshe apon the housse of Israhel, and apon the housse of Iuda, a newe testament: 9 not lyke the testament that I made with their fathers at that tyme, when I toke them by the hondes, to lede them oute of the londe of Egipte, for they continued not in my testament, and I regarded them not sayth the lorde.
10 For this is the testament that I will make with the housse of Israhell: After those dayes sayth the lorde: I will put my lawes in their myndes, and in their hertes I will wryte them, and I wilbe their God, and they shalbe my people. 11 And they shall not teache, every man his neghboure, and every man his brother, sayinge: knowe the lorde: For they shall knowe me, from the lest to the moste of them: 12 For I wilbe mercifull over their vnrightwesnes, and on their synnes and on their iniquities. 13 In that he sayth a new testament he hath abrogat the olde. Now that which is disanulled and wexed olde, is redy to vannysshe awaye.