Hebrews 6:10-19

Matthew(i) 10 For God is not vnryghtuous that he should forget your worke and laboure that procedeth of loue, which loue you shewed in hys name, whiche haue mynystred vnto the saynctes, & yet mynyster. 11 Yea, and we desyre that euerye one of you shew the same dylygence, to the stablyshynge of hope euen vnto the ende: 12 that ye faynt not, but folowe them, whiche thorowe fayth & pacience inheret the promyses. 13 For when God made promes to Abraham, because he had no greater thynge to sweare by, he sweare by hym selfe, 14 saiynge: Surelye I wyl blesse the, and multyplye the in deede. 15 And so after that he had taryed a longe tyme, he enioyed the promes. 16 Men verelye sweare by hym that is greater then them selues, & an othe to confyrme the thynge, is amonge them an ende of all stryfe. 17 So God wyllynge verye aboundauntlye to shewe vnto the heyres of promes, the stablenes of hys counsayle, he added an othe, 18 that by two immutable thynges (in which it was vnpossyble that GOD shaulde lye) we myghte haue perfecte consolacyon, whiche haue fled, for to holde faste the hope that is set before vs, 19 whiche hope we haue an ancre of the soule both sure and stedfast. Whiche hope also entreth in, into those thynges that are wythin the vayle,