Matthew(i) 1 Paule an Apostle of Iesu Christe by the wyll of God, and brother Tymotheus. 2 To the sainctes, whiche are at Colossa, and brethren that beleue in Christe. Grace be wyth you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde IESVS Christe. 3 We geue thankes to God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, alwaies prayinge for you, 4 sence we hearde of your fayth, which ye haue in Christ Iesu, and of the loue, which ye beare to all saynctes, 5 for the hopes sakes, whiche is layde vp in store for you in heauen of whiche hope ye haue heard before by the true worde of the Gospe 6 which is come vnto you, euen as it is into all the world, and is frutefull, as it is amonge you, from the fyrste daye in the, whiche ye hearde of it, and had experience in the grace of God in the trueth, 7 as ye learned of Epaphra oure deare felowe seruaunte, whiche is for you a faythfull minister of Christe, 8 whiche also declared vnto vs your loue, whiche ye haue in the spirite. 9 For this cause we also, sence the daye we heard of it, haue not ceased prayeng for you, and desiring that ye myght be fulfilled with the knowledge of his will, in all wysdome, and spiritual vnderstandinge, 10 that ye mighte walke worthy of the Lorde in all thinges, that please him beyng frutefull in all good workes, and encreasing in the knowledge of God 11 strengthed wyth all myghte thorowe his glorious power, vnto al pacience & longe suffering with ioyfulnes, 12 geuing thankes vnto the father, which hath made vs mete to be partakers of the inheritaunce of sainctes in lyght. 13 Which hath deliuered vs from the power of darcknes and hath translated vs into the kyngdome of his deare sonne, 14 in whom we haue redempcion thorowe his bloude, that is to saye: the forgeuenes of synnes, 15 whyche is the ymage of the inuisible God, fyrste begotten of creatures. 16 For by hym were all thynges created, thinges that are in heauen, and thinges that are in earth: thinges visible and thinges inuisible, whether they be maiestye or Lordeshyp, eyther rule or power. Al thynges are created by hym and in hym, 17 and he is before all thinges, and in hym all thinges haue theyr beynge. 18 And he is the head of the body, that is to wyt of the congregation: he is the beginning and fyrst begotten of the dead, that in all thinges he might haue the preeminence. 19 For it pleased the father that in him shoulde all fulnes dwel, 20 and by hym to reconcile all thinge vnto him selfe, and to set at peace by him thorowe the bloude of his crosse, both thinges in heauen, and thinges in earth. 21 And you (which were in tymes past straungers and enemyes, because your myndes were set in euyl workes) hath he now reconciled 22 in the body of his fleshe thorowe death, to make you holye vnblamable and without faut in his owne syght, 23 yf ye continue grounded and stablyshed in the fayth, and be not moued away from the hope of the Gospell, where of ye haue hearde, how that it is preached amonge al creatures which are vnder heauen, wherof I Paule am made a minister. 24 Nowe ioye I in my sufferinges which I suffer for you, and fulfyll that whiche is behinde of the passions of Christe in my fleshe for his bodies sake, which is the congregacion, 25 wherof I am made a minister accordinge to the ordinaunce of God, whiche ordinaunce was geuen me vnto you warde, to fulfyll the worde of God, 26 that mistery hyd sence the world beganne, and sence the begynnynge of generacyons: but now is opened to hys sainctes 27 to whom God woulde make knowen the glorious riches of this misterye amonge the Gentyls, whiche ryches is Christ, in you the hope of glorye, 28 whome we preache, warning all men and teachinge all men in all wisdom, to make all men perfect in Christ Iesu. 29 Wherin I also labour and stryue euen as farforth as his workinge worketh in me mightely.