JMNT(i) 1 Paul, one sent with a mission pertaining to Christ Jesus (or: an envoy of [the] Anointed Jesus; an emissary who has his origin in Christ Jesus) through God's will, and Timothy, the brother (or: = fellow believer; or: the brother Timothy), 2 To the set-apart folks (the holy ones; the sacredly different people) within Colossae – even to ones full of faith (or: to faithful and trusting people) – to [the] brothers within Christ (or: and to loyal fellow believers [who are] in union with [the] Anointed [other MSS add: Jesus]): Grace and joyous favor (or: The act that produces happiness, which was granted [to all] as a favor), as well as peace and harmony [= shalom], to you folks from God our Father [other MSS read: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ]. 3 We habitually express gratitude for the goodness in grace, and give thanks to God, the Father [other MSS: to the God and Father] of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at all times continually thinking and speaking goodness and well-being concerning (or: praying about) you folks, 4 upon hearing of your faith, loyalty and trust [being, resident, or having its source] within Christ Jesus (or: in union with [the] Anointed Jesus) and the love which you folks habitually have and hold [which is extended and given] into all the set-apart folks (or: holy ones; saints; sacred people) 5 because of the expectation (or: expectant hope) – the one continuously lying stored away as a reserve – resident within the atmospheres (or: heavens), which you folks already heard (or: heard before) within the word (message; discourse; or: Logos) concerning the Truth (or: the word of truth; the idea belonging to and having its source in Reality; the message which is truth and reality) which originates in and pertains to the message of ease, goodness and well-being (or: which belongs to the good news). 6 This [Word; Logos] is being continuously present alongside [and proceeding] into you folks, just as it is also continuously existing within all the ordered System (within the entire world of culture, secular society, religion, economics and government; or: in the entire universe; or: = the entire Roman Empire), repeatedly bearing fruit of itself and constantly being grown and caused to be increasing, just as also within you folks, from [the] day in which you heard and at once fully experienced – in intimate knowing and accurate realization – the grace of God, within Truth (or: God's favor resident within [the] truth; God's grace in the midst of reality; or: the favor which, in reality, is God). 7 Just in this way, you folks [were taught and] learned from Epaphras, our beloved fellow-slave, who is full of faith and loyal, an attending servant of the Christ on our [other MSS: your] behalf (or: who is a faithful dispenser of the Christ [who is] over us [or: you folks]), 8 the person also clearly showing and making evident to us your love in spirit and attitude (or: your love within [the] Breath-effect; your love in union with [the] Spirit). 9 And because of this (or: So that is why) we, from the day on which we heard, are not ceasing constant praying (thinking and speaking toward having things being well) over your [situation] and asking (or: making a request) on behalf of you folks, to the end that you may (or: would) be filled full with the entire contents of the accurate, full, experiential, intimate knowledge and insight of His will (His design, purpose, plan and intention; or: so that you may know and experience all that He wants you to know and experience) within the sphere of all wisdom and spiritual understanding (comprehension; a junction of that which is sent together; discernment; being able to make the pieces fit together). 10 [Thus we pray for you] to walk about worthily (i.e., to live your life with corresponding value) with regard to the Lord (the Owner; [= Yahweh or Christ]) [progressing] into all pleasing (or: into every desire to please; into the midst of entire pleasure) within every good work or virtuous action, while habitually bearing fruit and constantly being folks [that] are being progressively caused to grow and increase in the full, accurate, experiential and intimate knowledge of God (or: with God's full experience of intimate knowledge and insight; or: by the added insight and experiential knowledge which is God), 11 being continuously empowered in every ability (being ones progressively enabled within all power) corresponding to the strength of His glory (or: down from and in the sphere of the might pertaining to and having its source in His reputation or His manifestation of that which calls forth praise; or: = the strength coming from His manifested presence [= His Sh'khinah]) [leading] into every [situation of] persistent remaining under [difficulties] to humbly give patient support (or: unto all relentless endurance) and long-waiting before rushing into emotions (or: long endurance; a long time before breathing violently with passion; or: perseverance; tolerance towards others), accompanied by (or: together with) joy. 12 [We are folks who are] constantly giving thanks to the Father: the One calling you [other MSS: us] – as well as making [you; us] competent (sufficient; qualified; fit; suitable) – into the divided share of the lot of the inheritance (or: into the part and portion of the allotted possession) of the set-apart folks (or: pertaining to the holy ones; belonging to the saints; from the sacred people; which is the different-from-the-ordinary folks) within the Light; 13 He who drags us out of danger (or: rescued us) forth from out of the midst of the authority of the Darkness (from Darkness's jurisdiction and right; from existing out of gloomy shadows and obscure dimness; = the privilege of ignorance), and changes [our] position (or: transported [us], thus, giving [us] a change of standing, and transferred [us]) into the midst of the kingdom and reign of the Son of His love (or: into the midst of the sovereign influence of the Son Who has the characteristics and qualities of His accepting love; into union with the sovereign activities of the Son Whose origin is His love; or: into the sphere of the reign of the Son of the Love which is Him; into the center of the kingdom of the Son, which is His love), 14 in Whom (or: in union with [which Son]) we continuously have and hold the redemption (the release and liberation procured by payment of a ransom) [which results in] the sending away of the failures (or: the dismissal of the errors pertaining to falling short and straying to the side of the target; the flowing away of the sins; the divorce from mistakes). 15 It is [this Son] Who is the Image (portrait; the Exact Formed Likeness; the Figure and Representation; visible likeness and manifestation) of the not-seen God (or: the unable to be seen God; the invisible God), the Firstborn of all creation (or: of every creature; or: of every framing and founding; of every act of settling from a state of disorder and wildness; or: pertaining to the whole creation; or: = the Inheritor of all creation Who will also assume authority over and responsibility for every creature [note: this is the duty of the firstborn]), 16 because within Him was created the whole (or: in union with Him everything is founded and settled, is built and planted, is brought into being, is produced and established; or: within the midst of Him all things were brought from chaos into order) – the things within the skies and atmospheres, and the things upon the earth (or: those [situations, conditions and/or people] in the heavens and on the land); the visible things, and the unseen (or: unable to be seen; invisible) things: whether thrones (seats of power) or lordships (ownership systems) or governments (rulers; leadership systems; sovereignties) or authorities – the whole has been created and all things continue founded, put in order and stand framed through means of Him, and [proceeds, or were placed] into Him (or: = He is the agent and goal of all creation). 17 And He is before (prior to; or: maintains precedence of) all things and all people, and the whole has (or: all things have) been placed together and now continues to jointly-stand (stands cohesively; is made to have a co-standing) within the midst of and in union with Him, 18 and so He is the Head (or: Source) of the body – which is the called-out community (the ecclesia; the summoned congregation) – Who is the Beginning (or: the Ruler; the Originator and Ruling Principle; the Beginning Power and Ability of the process), a Firstborn forth from out of the midst of dead folks, to the end that He would be birthed (may come into existence; or: could come to be) within all things and in all people: He continuously holding first place (or: constantly being preeminent; or: habitually being the First One; or: continuing being the First Man [note: this phrase has in Greek literature been used as a title for a person]), 19 because WITHIN Him all – the entire contents (the result of that which fills everything; all the effect of the full measure [of things]) – delights to settle down and dwell as in a house (or: because He approved all the fullness [of all existence] to permanently reside within Him) 20 and THROUGH Him at once to transfer the all (the whole; = all of existential creation), away from a certain state to the level of another which is quite different (or: to change all things, bringing movement away from being down; to reconcile all things; to change everything from estrangement and alienation to friendship and harmony and move all), INTO Him – making (constructing; forming; creating) peace and harmony through the blood of His cross (execution stake): through Him, whether the things upon the earth (or: land) or the things within the atmospheres and heavens! 21 And so you folks, being at one time people having been alienated away (being estranged; being rendered as belonging to another; = having been put out of the family) and enemies (or: hated ones) by the divided thoughts (in the dualistic perceptions and things going through the mind in every direction) within (or: in the midst of; in union with; or: = in the performance of) the miserable deeds (gushes of wicked actions; laborious and painful works) – 22 yet now He at once reconciled (or: changed and transferred to a different state; [p46 & B read: you folks were reconciled]) within the body of His flesh (= His physical being), through His death, to place you folks alongside, down before Him and in His sight: set-apart (holy) folks and flawless (unblemished; blameless) ones, even people not accused, with nothing laid to your charge (or: unaccusable ones; unimpeachable ones; folks without reproach), 23 since in fact (or: inasmuch as) you folks are continually remaining on (or: are constantly persisting) by trust, in the faith and for loyalty, being ones having been provided with a foundation so as to continue grounded, even seated so as to be settled ones, and not people being repeatedly moved elsewhere (shifted; removed; or, as a middle: shifting yourselves) away from the expectation (or: expectant hope) pertaining to, belonging to and having its source in the message of ease, goodness and well-being of which you hear (or: heard): the [message] being heralded (announced; publicly proclaimed and preached) within all creation which is under the sky (or: heaven) – of which I, Paul, am myself come to be a herald, an emissary, and an attending servant (or: a dispenser). 24 I am at this moment continuing to rejoice within the effects of experiences and the results of my sufferings over your [situation] and on your behalf, and I am progressively filling back up in turn – so as in [His] stead to replace, supply and balance out, within my flesh (or: = with the means of my natural situation) – the deficiencies (or: results from what is lacking; effects from need) with regard to the pressures (or: from the squeezings, tribulations and tight spots) that pertain to the Anointed One (or: that belong to and affect Christ; or: from the Christ) over [the situation of] His body, which is the called-out community (which exists being the summoned-forth congregation – the ecclesia) (or: Now I am progressively filled with joy – in union with the feelings coming from passion over you folks – and am habitually filling up again, to bring balance, the effects of what is lacking, resulting from the distresses of Christ – resident within my flesh – concerning His body, which is the invited-out assembly), 25 of which I am come to be an attending servant (or: a dispenser), corresponding to (or: down from; in the sphere of) God's household administration (or: God's directives for the tasks of a household manager; the stewardship whose source is God and pertains to His house; God's economy; God's scheme and arrangement which He planned for His household) – the [detailed plan] being given by me unto you (or: to me [and infused] into you) – to fulfill God's Word (or: to make full the message pertaining to God; to make a full presentation of God's message; to deliver God's thought and idea in full; or: with a view to you fulfilling God's idea): 26 the Secret (or: sacred mystery) having been hidden away and remaining concealed away from the ages (or: from [past] eons), as well as away from the [past] generations, yet now (at the present time) is set in clear light in His set-apart folks (or: was manifested to His holy ones; is caused to be seen by His saints; is shown for what it is, for His sacred people), 27 to whom God wills (or: at one point purposed; or: intends) to make known by intimate experience, what [are] the riches of the glory of this Secret (or: the wealth which has its source in this sacred mystery's manifestation which calls forth praise) within the multitudes (among the nations; in the Gentiles; IN UNION WITH the swarms of ethnic groups), which is (or: exists being) Christ within you folks, the expectation of and from the glory (or: which is [the] Anointed in union with you people: the hope of the manifestation which calls forth praise; or: which is [the] Anointing within the midst of you folks – the expectation which is the glory), 28 Whom [other MSS: Which] we ourselves habitually proclaim down the line (or: announce in accord with the pattern), constantly putting [Him] into the minds of every person (or: human) and repeatedly teaching every person (or: human), within the sphere of all wisdom, to the intent that we may place every person (or: human) finished (mature; perfect with respect to purpose; complete; as having reached the goal of destiny) by [our] side, within and in union with Christ [other MSS add: Jesus], 29 unto which [goal] I habitually work hard (or: progressively toil on) and become weary, constantly struggling as in a contest, corresponding to (or: down from, yet on the level of) His inward working (or: energy and operation): the One continuously operating (energizing and inwardly working) within me – within power and in ability.