2 Samuel 11

Matthew(i) 1 And it came to passe in the begynning of a new yeare, in the tymes when kinges are wont to go forth to battell, that Dauid sent Ioab & his seruauntes with him & all Israell. And they destroyed the children of Amnon, & beseged Rabah. But Dauid taryed styll at Ierusalem. 2 And it chaunged in an euenynge that Dauid arose from hys couche & walked vpon the roufe of the kynges palace, & from the roufe sawe a very bewtyfull woman washing her selfe. 3 And he sente to enquyre what woman it shulde be. And it was aunswered agayne, that she was Bethsabe the doughter of Eliam and wyfe to Vrias the Hethite. 4 And Dauid sente messengers and fet her, and she came vnto hym, & he laye with her. And she was straight waye puryfyed from her vnclennesse, & returned vnto her house. 5 And when the woman had perceyued that she had conceyued, she sent & tolde Dauid, and sayde. I am wyth chylde. 6 Then Dauid sent to Ioab, to sende vnto him Vrias the Hethite. And Ioab sent Vrias to Dauid. 7 And when Vrias was come vnto him he demaunded how Ioab dyd, and howe the people fared, and howe the warre prospered. 8 And Dauid sayd more ouer to Vrias: go doune to thyne house and washe thy fete. And Vrias departed out of the kinges palace, & there folowed hym a seruyce from the kynges table. 9 But Vrias slept at the dore of the kynges palace wyth all the seruauntes of thys Lord, and went not doune to hys house. 10 Then they tolde Dauid, saying: Vrias descended not into hys house Then sayd Dauid vnto Vrias: Seynge that thou art come from iorneyinge, why doest thou not go doune vnto thine house? 11 And Vrias sayd vnto Dauid: the arck and Israel & Iuda dwell in pauilions: & my Lord Ioab and the seruauntes of my Lorde lye in tentes vpon the flat earthe: and shulde I then go into myne house, to eate and to dryncke & to lye wyth my wyfe? By thy lyfe and as sure as thy soule lyueth, I wyll not do that thyng. 12 Then sayde Dauid vnto Vrias: tarye here this daye also, and to morow I wyll let the departe. And so Vrias abode in Ierusalem that daye, and on the morowe. 13 And Dauid called hym, and he ate and drancke before hym, & he made hym dronck. And at euen he went out to lye on hys couche with the seruauntes of the Lorde, and went not doune to hys house. 14 Wherfore on the morowe Dauid wrote a letter to Ioab, and sent it by Vrias. 15 And he wrote in the letter, saying: put Vrias in the fore front of the battel where it is moste strong, and come back from hym that he may be smyten to death. 16 And as Ioab beseged the cytye, he assygned Vrias vnto a place where he wist that strong men were. 17 And the men of the cytye came oute & fought with Ioab. And there were certen ouerthrowen of the people and of the seruauntes of Dauid, and Vrias the Hethite dyed also. 18 Then Ioab sent and tolde Dauid all the processe of the warre, 19 and charged the messengers, saying: when thou hast made an end of tellynge the storye of the warre vnto the king 20 yf he begynne to fume & saye vnto the: wherfore approched ye so nye vnto the cytye to fyght? wyst ye not that men wold hourle and shote from the walles? 21 who smote Abimelech sonne of Ierobeseth? dyd not a woman caste a pece of a mylstone vpon hym from of the walles, that he dyed in Thebes? why then went ye nye the walles, then saye thou? thy seruaunt Vrias the Hethite is dead also. 22 And the messengers went and came & shewed Dauid all that Ioab had sent hym with, 23 and sayde vnto Dauid: the men preuayle agaynst vs, and came out vnto vs into the feld, & we stacke vnto them, euen vnto the entering of the gate. 24 And the shoters shotte from the walles, and some of the seruauntes of the king be dead. And thy seruaunt Vrias the Hethite is dead also. 25 Then sayde Dauid vnto the messenger, thus wyse saye vnto Ioab, let not the thyng trouble the. For the swerde deuoureth one as well as another: make thy battell more stronge agaynste the cytye, and destroye it, & se that thou courage Ioab. 26 And when the wife of Vrias hearde that her husbande was dead, she mourned for hym, 27 & as sone as the mournyng was ended, Dauid sente and fet her to hys house, and she was hys wyfe & bare him a sonne. But the deade that Dauid had committed, dyspleased the Lorde.