2 Samuel 12

Matthew(i) 1 And the Lorde sent Nathan vnto Dauid. And he came vnto hym & sayde vnto hym: there were .ij. men in one cytye, a ryche and a poore. 2 And the ryche had excedyng great aboundaunce of shepe and oxen. 3 But the pore had nothynge saue one lytle lamb which he bought & noryshed vp. And it grew vp with hym and hys chyldren, and dyd eate of hys owne meate and drancke of hys owne cuppe, and slept in hys bosome, & was as dere vnto hym as hys doughter. 4 And there came a straunger vnto the ryche man. And he coulde not fynde in hys herte to take of hys owne shepe nor of hys beastes to dresse for the straunger that was come vnto hym. But toke the pore mannes lambe, and dressed it for the man that was come to hym. 5 And Dauid was exceding wroth with the man, and sayde to Nathan: as surely as the Lorde lyueth the felowe that hathe done thys thynge, is the chylde of death 6 and shall restore the lambe foure folde, because he dyd thys thynge, and because he had no pitie. 7 Then Nathan sayd to Dauid: thou arte the man. Thys sayth the Lorde God of Israel: I annoynted the kynge ouer Israel, & rydde the out of the handes of Saule. 8 And I geue the thy maysters house and thy maysters wyues into thy bosome, and gaue the the house of Israel and of Iuda, and wolde yf that had bene to lytle, haue geuen the twyse so muche more. 9 Wherfore hast thou despised the commaundement of the Lorde, to do wyckednesse in hys syght? thou hast kylde Vrias the hethyte with the swerde, and hast taken hys wyfe to thy wyfe, & hast slayne hym wyth the swerde of the chyldren of Amnon. 10 Now therfore the swerd shal neuer depart from thyne house, because (saythe the Lorde) thou hast despysed me, and taken the wyfe of Vrias the Aethite, to be thy wyfe. 11 Thus saith the Lorde: beholde I wyl stere vp euyl against the euen of thyne owne house & wyll take thy wyues before thyne eyes, and geue them vnto thy neyghboure, which shal slepe with them in the syght of the sonne. 12 And thou dyddeste it secretely, yet wyll I do this thinge before al Israel and in the open sonne lyght. 13 Then sayde Dauid vnto Nathan: I haue synned agaynst the Lorde. And Nathan sayde agayne to Dauid: the Lorde hath put awaye thy synne, thou shalt not dye. 14 Howe be it because in doynge this deede thou hast geuen the enemyes of the Lorde a cause to rayle, the chyld that is borne the shall dye surelye. 15 And Nathan departed vnto hys house. And the Lorde stroke the chylde that Vryas wyfe bare Dauid and it sickened. 16 And Dauid besought god for the boye and fasted and wente & laye all nyght vpon the earthe. 17 And the elders of hys house arose and wente to him to take hym vp from the earthe. But he wolde not, neyther yet eat meat wyth them. 18 And it happened the seuenth daye that the chylde dyed. But the seruauntes of Dauid durst not tell hym that the chylde was dead. For they said, se while the child was yet aliue, we spake vnto hym, and he wolde not herken vnto oure voyce. How much more then wil he vexe hym selfe yf we tell hym that the chylde is dead? 19 But Dauid sawe hys seruauntes whysperyng and therby perceyued that the childe was dead, and sayde vnto hys seruauntes: is the chylde dead. And they sayd ye. 20 Then Dauid arose from the earth, & wasshed & anoynted hym self & chaunged his apparell, & went into the house of the Lorde & prayed, & after came to hys owne house & bade that they shulde set meate before hym, and he dyd eate. 21 Then sayd hys seruauntes vnto hym: what is thys that thou hast done? Thou fastedest and wepest for thy chylde whyle it was aliue, and as sone as it was dead thou dyddest ryse vp, and dyddest eate meate. 22 And he aunswered: while the chylde was alyue, I fasted and wept. For I this thought: who can tel whether God wil haue mercye on me that the chylde may lyue. 23 But now seynge it is dead, wherfore shulde I fast? can I brynge hym agayne any more? I shall go to hym: but he shall not come agayne to me. 24 And Dauid comforted Bethsabe hys wyfe, & went in vnto her & laye with her, and she bare a sonne whose name was called Salomon, and the Lorde loued hym. 25 And he sent by the hand of Nathan the Prophete & called his name Iedidiah, of the Lordes behalfe. 26 And as Ioab fought agaynst Rahab the cytye of the chyldren of Amnon he toke the kynges toure, 27 and sent messengers to Dauid saying: I haue made assaute to Rabah, & also haue taken the castell from whence they had theyr water. 28 Now therfore gather the reste of the people together, and come and besege the cytie and take it: leste yf I take it, the victorye be ascrybed to me. 29 And Dauid gathered all the people together, and went to Rabah and assauted it and gat it. 30 And he toke the kinges croune from of hys heade whiche wayed an hundred wayght of golde, and was set wyth precious stones. And Dauid ware it on hys head. And he brought out the spoyle of the cytye in excedyng great aboundaunce. 31 And he brought oute the people that was therein and sawed them and drue harowes of yron vpon them, and shred some of them with shredynge knyues of yron, & thrust some into fornaces. And so he serued all the cyties of the children of Ammon. And then Dauid and all the people returned vnto Ierusalem.