1 Samuel 25:21

    21 G2532 CONJ και   N-PRI δαυιδ   V-AAI-3S ειπεν G2470 ADV ισως G1519 PREP εις G94 A-ASM αδικον G5442 V-RAI-1S πεφυλακα G3956 A-APN παντα G3588 T-APN τα G846 D-GSM αυτου G1722 PREP εν G3588 T-DSF τη G2048 N-DSF ερημω G2532 CONJ και G3364 ADV ουκ G1781 V-AMI-1P ενετειλαμεθα G2983 V-AAN λαβειν G1537 PREP εκ G3956 A-GPN παντων G3588 T-GPN των G846 D-GSM αυτου G3762 A-ASN ουθεν G2532 CONJ και G467 V-AAI-3S ανταπεδωκεν G1473 P-DS μοι G4190 A-APN πονηρα G473 PREP αντι G18 A-GPM αγαθων
Brenton(i) 21 And David said, Perhaps I have kept all his possessions in the wilderness that he should wrong me, and we did not order the taking anything of all his goods; yet he has rewarded me evil for good.
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