Joel 1:10-12

  10 H7704 The field H7703 is wasted [H8795]   H127 , the land H56 mourneth [H8804]   H1715 ; for the corn H7703 is wasted [H8795]   H8492 : the new wine H3001 is dried up [H8689]   H3323 , the oil H535 languisheth [H8797]  .
  11 H3001 Be ye ashamed [H8685]   H406 , O ye husbandmen H3213 ; howl [H8685]   H3755 , O ye vinedressers H2406 , for the wheat H8184 and for the barley H7105 ; because the harvest H7704 of the field H6 is perished [H8804]  .
  12 H1612 The vine H3001 is dried up [H8689]   H8384 , and the fig tree H535 languisheth [H8797]   H7416 ; the pomegranate H8558 tree, the palm tree H8598 also, and the apple tree H6086 , even all the trees H7704 of the field H3001 , are withered [H8804]   H8342 : because joy H3001 is withered away [H8689]   H1121 from the sons H120 of men.