H3755 כּרם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Active participle of an imaginary denominative from H3754; a vinedresser; as one or two words

KJV Usage: vine dresser [as one or two words].

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to tend vines or vineyards, to dress vines or vineyards
a. (Qal) vinedressers (participle)
Origin: act. participle of an imaginary denominative from H3754
TWOT: 1040
Parts of Speech: Verb

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5 occurrences of H3755 כּרם

2 Kings 25:12 to be vinedressers
2 Chronicles 26:10 also, and vinedressers
Isaiah 61:5 and your vinedressers.
Jeremiah 52:16 for vinedressers
Joel 1:11 O ye vinedressers,

Distinct usage

1 to be vinedressers
1 also, and vinedressers
1 and your vinedressers.
1 for vinedressers
1 O ye vinedressers,

Corresponding Greek Words

korem G289 ampelourgos *