Matthew 13:38

JMNT(i) 38 "Now the field is the organized System (the ordered arrangement; the world; the world of religion as well as of economy, culture and government in the secular; = the realm of society). As for the fine, ideal seed, these are the sons of the reign (= the produce and resulting situation which have the kingdom as their source and origin; the offspring who are the reign; = those things having the character and quality of the kingdom and are associated with its reign). Yet the weeds (darnel) are the sons of the worthless person or the disadvantageous circumstance (or: the sons whose source and origin is the one who brings pain and misery through hard labor; the produce whose character and quality are malevolent and wicked; the sons of the evil one; or: offspring of the difficult and wearisome situation [the predicament of mankind?]; the bad environment; may = the result of the work of a worthless person [perhaps: the words of a religious person]).