John 8:44

JMNT(i) 44 "You folks, in particular, are (exist and have your being) from out of, and have your source in, the ancestor who cast [an object] through [someone] (or: the father, the devil; or: the devil father; or: the father – the one thrusting [words or issues] through [folks/groups] and dividing them), and you are habitually wanting (willing; intending; purposing) to be constantly doing your father's passionate cravings (full-rushing over-desires). That one was existing being a murderer (a killer of humanity) from [his/its] beginning (or: from [the] start; from [its] origin; or: from headship, chieftainhood, government or rule), and he/it has not stood and does not now stand within the Truth (or: it had not made a stand in union with reality), because truth is not (openness and reality does not exist) within him (or: it). Whenever he/it may be speaking the lie, he/it is continuing speaking from out of his own things – because he/it is (or: continues existing being) a liar, and its father [note: either the father of the lie, or of the liar].