Mark 5

JMNT(i) 1 And so they came unto the other side of the sea (lake) into the territory (region; district; country; countryside) of the Gerasenes. 2 Then on His coming out of the boat, a man in union with (or: within the midst of) an unclean spirit (or: and uncleansed attitude; a culturally unpruned breath-effect) immediately came to confront Him (or: went out to present himself and to meet Him) from out of the memorial tombs. 3 This man was habitually having a permanent dwelling (a settled home) within and among the memorial tombs – and as of yet, no one was continuing able (was up to then having power) to bind him: not even with a chain (or: by handcuffs; in something that was unable to be loosened), 4 because many times he was to have been bound with fetters and chains, and yet the chains had been burst-through and torn to pieces by him and the fetters (or: shackles) had come to be rubbed together so as to be shattered and crushed – so no one continued strong [so as] to subdue and tame him. 5 So through every night and day he was being among the memorial tombs and within the mountains (or: hill country) – repeatedly crying out (screaming; shrieking) and constantly gashing down on himself with stones. 6 So upon catching sight of and perceiving Jesus from a distance (or: from far away), he runs (or: rushed forward) and does (or: did) Him reverence, homage and worship by kissing toward Him, bowing down and prostrating himself. 7 Then crying out in a loud voice, he is saying, "What [is there common] for/with me and for/with You (or: What [is there] in me and in You), Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I continue adjuring You (I am now solemnly appealing to You as with an oath; or: I proceed to put You under oath) [to; by] God: may You not distress me or give me pain by examining me or putting me to the test with the touchstone [the lapis Lydius which was applied to metals, especially gold, to test purity or quality]!" 8for He had been saying to it, "You [note: singular] come forth from out of the midst of the man, unclean spirit (or: culturally unpruned attitude; impure breath-effect)." – 9 And so He was asking him [i.e., the man: the pronoun is masculine], "What [is] your name?" And he then says to Him, "My name is Legion, because we are (we exist being) many." 10 And he kept on entreating Him, asking Him to be a paraclete (calling Him to his side for aid, assistance and comfort), many [times], so that He would (or: should) not at once send it [other MSS: them] away, outside of the country (region; territory). 11 Now a great (large; numerous) herd of young swine (pigs; hogs) continued being there, [moving] toward the hillside (or: facing toward the mountain; or: on the hill country), habitually feeding (being grazed). 12 So they [other MSS: all the demons] entreated Him, repeatedly saying, "Send us into the young swine (pigs; hogs), so that we can (may) enter into them." 13 And Jesus immediately gave permission to them. So coming out, the unclean spirits (ceremonially impure breath-effects; culturally unpruned attitudes) entered into the young swine, and the herd immediately stampeded (rushed headlong) down the steep slope (bank; cliff; precipice) into the sea (or: lake) – about two thousand [of them] – and they began being choked (or: were being choked, one after another), within the sea (lake). 14 So those grazing (feeding) them fled and reported back (or: brought away the news) into the city and into the fields (farms; countryside). Then folks came to see what the situation is that had come to be (or: what it was that had occurred). 15 And they are progressively (or: one after another) coming toward Jesus, and continue intently looking at the "demoniac" (the one that [had been] constantly affected or tormented by an animistic influence, or "demons") – the one that had been having (holding; possessing) "the legion [a Roman regiment of 4,000 to 6,000 troops]" – now continuing sitting clothed and being continuously sensible, orderly and cooperative (sane and of sound mind). And they became afraid. 16 Then those having seen [it] thoroughly related to them how it happened to the "demoniac," and about the young swine (hogs). 17 So they at once began to be repeatedly entreating Him (calling Him alongside and begging Him) to go away from their district (bounded area or region). 18 And during His stepping into the boat, the "demoniac" kept on entreating Him (requesting Him to be a paraclete), at His side, to the end that he might continue being with Him. 19 But He did not let him (or: did not release him from [his area]; did not allow him; or: And He did not abandon him). Instead (or: Nevertheless) He is then saying to him, "Be going away (or: Progressively lead the way) into your home (your house, or, household), toward those of your area and association, and fully report back to them (or: thoroughly tell them the news and the story of) how much the Lord [= Christ, or, Yahweh; D reads: God] has done for (to; in) you, and that He mercied you (acted in merciful compassion to you)." 20 So he went away and started (or: goes off and begins) to repeatedly herald a public proclamation within the Decapolis [a league of ten cities] how much (or: as many things as) Jesus did for (to; in) him, and everyone continued being amazed (or: all began expressing wonder and astonishment). 21 After Jesus' passing through [the sea/lake], within the boat, into [the area] on the other side, a great crowd was gathered together upon Him (= to Him upon His arrival) as He was still beside the sea (lake). 22 Then [other MSS add: – take note! – ] one of the presiding (ruling; = leading) officials of the synagogue – Jairus by name – is progressively coming, and seeing (perceiving) Him, he proceeds to fall toward His feet, 23 and is repeatedly entreating Him to be his paraclete (or: begs for assistance) many times, continually saying, "My little daughter is now having [her] last [moments] (or: continues holding-on in a way that seems final; = is at the point of death)... Please! (O that!) In coming You can (or: might; would) 'place the hands' on her, to the end that she can be restored to health (be saved; be rescued) and can live! (or: will continue living)" 24 So Jesus went off (away) with him. And [the] great crowd kept on following Him, even repeatedly pressing together on and crowding Him. 25 Now a woman, continuously being in [a condition of] a flowing of blood (being with a hemorrhage) [for] twelve years 26even experiencing and suffering many things by (or: under [the care of]) many "healers" and physicians, and thus spending so as to use up all the things at her disposal, and yet was by nothing being helped or benefited, but to the contrary, was coming into the worse [condition] (= had gone from bad to worse) – 27 upon hearing the things about Jesus, she, coming within the midst of the crowd from behind, made contact with (touched) His cloak, 28 for she kept saying, "If I can just touch even His clothes, I will be restored to health (be healed; be saved; be rescued [from this condition])!" 29 And instantly the fountain (or: spring) of her blood was dried up, and she knew by experience that she had been healed and remained cured from the grievous illness (or: disorder) which had been like being scourged with a whip. 30 So immediately becoming fully aware of the experience within Himself – the power from out of the midst of Him proceeding forth, Jesus, being turned about within the midst of the crowd, began saying, "Who touched (made contact with) My clothes?" 31 Then His disciples were saying to Him, "You are now looking at and continue seeing the crowd continuously pressing together on You and crowding You, and You are saying, 'Who touched Me?'" 32 Yet He continued looking around to see the woman who was (or: had been) doing this. 33 Now the woman – being afraid and trembling – having seen and now knowing what had happened to her (what had occurred in her; what had been birthed for her), came and fell down toward Him, and told Him the entire truth (all the reality). 34 Yet He said to her, "Daughter, your faith and trust has restored you to health (has saved and healed you; has rescued you [from your condition]). Be progressively going your way into peace [= shalom], and continue being healthy and sound, away from the grievous illness (or: disorder) which pertained to you." 35 While He is still speaking, there are some men now coming from [the household] of the presiding officer (ruler) of the synagogue, proceeding to say [to him], "Your daughter died. Why continue to bother the teacher any further?" 36 Yet Jesus, at once hearing yet disregarding (ignoring) the message being then spoken, continues saying to the synagogue ruler, "Stop being caused to fear; only continue trusting (or: progressively believe; repeatedly use faith)." 37 Now He did not allow anyone to follow together with Him, except Peter, Jacob (James) and John, the brother of Jacob. 38 So they are proceeding to come into the house (home) of the synagogue official, and He continues gazing upon (watching and contemplating) a confused uproar (a tumultuous commotion) – even many folks continuously weeping (crying; lamenting) and repeatedly screaming (wailing loudly; similar to: making war cries). 39 On entering, He then says to them, "Why are you people being caused to continue with [this] confused uproar (tumultuous commotion) and being caused to constantly weep and lament? The child (or: little girl) did not die away, but to the contrary, she continues fast asleep." 40 And began laughing at Him and kept on ridiculing and scornfully mocking Him. But He, upon putting (or: casting; throwing; = forcing) everyone out, proceeds to take along the father and mother of the little girl – and those with Him (= His companions) – and continues making His way into where the little girl was reclining (lying back). 41 Then, taking a strong grip of the little girl's hand, He proceeds to say to her, "Talitha coumi (or: koum)," which is normally being translated and interpreted, "Little girl (or: Maiden; = Young lady), I am saying to you, wake up and proceed to arise (or: get up)." 42 And at once the little girl arose and stood up, and began walking around – for she was about twelve years old. And immediately they were [D adds: all] beside themselves in great ecstasy and amazement – being put out of their normal stance. 43 Then He made a determination and fully arranged many things for them, so that no one would know this, and said something should be given to her to eat.