Luke 21:34-36

JMNT(i) 34 "So you people make it a habit to hold your attention to yourselves, and hold to each other, lest at some time your hearts may be weighed down or burdened – in the midst of a hangover (or: headache nausea or giddiness from an overindulgence in wine), and in drunkenness (intoxication) – as well as by anxiety (or: care; concern; worry) in the daily matters pertaining to living, and then that day take its stand upon you folks unforeseen (with unexpected suddenness), as a trap (a snare; a net; something that will catch and hold). 35 "You see, it will continue coming in upon (or: enter on) all the people normally sitting (= presently dwelling) upon [the] face (= surface) of the entire Land (or: all the earth). 36 "So you people be constantly staying awake, alert and watchful – in each season and every situation (or: in union with every fertile moment and on every occasion) – repeatedly asking with urgency, or begging, so that you can be fully strong to flee out and escape all these things being presently and progressively about to be happening, and then to be placed (or: cause to stand) in front of the Son of the Man (the Human Being; = Adam's Son; = the eschatological messianic figure)."