Ruth 2:14

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  14 H559 ויאמר said H1162 לה בעז And Boaz H6256 לעת   H400 האכל   H5066 גשׁי come H1988 הלם thou hither, H398 ואכלת and eat H4480 מן of H3899 הלחם the bread, H2881 וטבלת and dip H6595 פתך thy morsel H2558 בחמץ in the vinegar. H3427 ותשׁב And she sat H6654 מצד beside H7114 הקוצרים the reapers: H6642 ויצבט and he reached H7039 לה קלי her parched H398 ותאכל and she did eat, H7646 ותשׂבע and was sufficed, H3498 ותתר׃ and left.