Psalms 106:43-46

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  43 H6471 פעמים times H7227 רבות Many H5337 יצילם did he deliver H1992 והמה them; but they H4784 ימרו provoked H6098 בעצתם with their counsel, H4355 וימכו and were brought low H5771 בעונם׃ for their iniquity.
  44 H7200 וירא Nevertheless he regarded H6862 בצר their affliction, H1992 להם   H8085 בשׁמעו when he heard H853 את   H7440 רנתם׃ their cry:
  45 H2142 ויזכר And he remembered H1992 להם   H1285 בריתו for them his covenant, H5162 וינחם and repented H7230 כרב according to the multitude H2617 חסדו׃ of his mercies.
  46 H5414 ויתן He made H853 אותם   H7356 לרחמים them also to be pitied H6440 לפני of H3605 כל all H7617 שׁוביהם׃ those that carried them captives.