Numbers 18:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H8104 ושׁמרו And they shall keep H4931 משׁמרתך thy charge, H4931 ומשׁמרת and the charge H3605 כל of all H168 האהל the tabernacle: H389 אך only H413 אל come nigh H3627 כלי the vessels H6944 הקדשׁ of the sanctuary H413 ואל   H4196 המזבח and the altar, H3808 לא they shall not H7126 יקרבו come nigh H3808 ולא that neither H4191 ימתו die. H1571 גם that neither H1992 הם they, H1571 גם also, H859 אתם׃ nor ye