Judges 4:18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  18 H3318 ותצא went out H3278 יעל And Jael H7125 לקראת to meet H5516 סיסרא Sisera, H559 ותאמר and said H413 אליו unto H5493 סורה him, Turn in, H113 אדני my lord, H5493 סורה turn in H413 אלי to H408 אל not. H3372 תירא me; fear H5493 ויסר And when he had turned in H413 אליה unto H168 האהלה her into the tent, H3680 ותכסהו she covered H8063 בשׂמיכה׃ him with a mantle.