Isaiah 24:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H1961 והיה And it shall be, H5971 כעם as with the people, H3548 ככהן so with the priest; H5650 כעבד as with the servant, H113 כאדניו so with his master; H8198 כשׁפחה as with the maid, H1404 כגברתה so with her mistress; H7069 כקונה as with the buyer, H4376 כמוכר so with the seller; H3867 כמלוה as with the lender, H3867 כלוה so with the borrower; H5383 כנשׁה as with the taker of usury, H834 כאשׁר so H5378 נשׁא׃ with the giver of usury