Ezekiel 7:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H3588 כי For H4376 המוכר the seller H413 אל to H4465 הממכר that which is sold, H3808 לא shall not H7725 ישׁוב return H5750 ועוד although they were yet H2416 בחיים alive: H2416 חיתם alive: H3588 כי for H2377 חזון the vision H413 אל touching H3605 כל the whole H1995 המונה multitude H3808 לא thereof, shall not H7725 ישׁוב return; H376 ואישׁ shall any H5771 בעונו in the iniquity H2416 חיתו of his life. H3808 לא neither H2388 יתחזקו׃ strengthen himself