Ezekiel 34:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H853 את   H2470 הנחלות The diseased H3808 לא have ye not H2388 חזקתם strengthened, H853 ואת   H2470 החולה that which was sick, H3808 לא neither H7495 רפאתם have ye healed H7665 ולנשׁברת broken, H3808 לא neither H2280 חבשׁתם have ye bound up H853 ואת   H5080 הנדחת that which was driven away, H3808 לא neither H7725 השׁבתם have ye brought again H853 ואת   H6 האבדת that which was lost; H3808 לא neither H1245 בקשׁתם have ye sought H2394 ובחזקה but with force H7287 רדיתם have ye ruled H853 אתם   H6531 ובפרך׃ and with cruelty