Ezekiel 34:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H853 את   H6 האבדת that which was lost, H1245 אבקשׁ I will seek H853 ואת   H5080 הנדחת that which was driven away, H7725 אשׁיב and bring again H7665 ולנשׁברת broken, H2280 אחבשׁ and will bind up H853 ואת   H2470 החולה that which was sick: H2388 אחזק and will strengthen H853 ואת   H8082 השׁמנה the fat H853 ואת   H2389 החזקה and the strong; H8045 אשׁמיד but I will destroy H7462 ארענה I will feed H4941 במשׁפט׃ them with judgment.