Exodus 8:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H8317 ושׁרץ shall bring forth frogs abundantly, H2975 היאר And the river H6854 צפרדעים shall bring forth frogs abundantly, H5927 ועלו which shall go up H935 ובאו and come H1004 בביתך into thine house, H2315 ובחדר and into thy bedchamber, H4904 משׁכבך and into thy bedchamber, H5921 ועל and upon H4296 מטתך thy bed, H1004 ובבית and into the house H5650 עבדיך of thy servants, H5971 ובעמך and upon thy people, H8574 ובתנוריך and into thine ovens, H4863 ובמשׁארותיך׃ and into thy kneading troughs: