Daniel 7:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H4406 ומלין words H6655 לצד against H5943 עליא the most High, H4449 ימלל And he shall speak H6922 ולקדישׁי the saints H5946 עליונין of the most High, H1080 יבלא and shall wear out H5452 ויסבר and think H8133 להשׁניה to change H2166 זמנין times H1882 ודת and laws: H3052 ויתיהבון and they shall be given H3028 בידה into his hand H5705 עד until H5732 עדן a time H5732 ועדנין and times H6387 ופלג and the dividing H5732 עדן׃ of time.