H4406 מלּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

(Chaldee); corresponding to H4405; a word, command, discourse, or subject

KJV Usage: commandment, matter, thing, word.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. word, thing
a. word, utterance, command
b. thing, affair, matter
Origin: corresponding to H4405
TWOT: 2831a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) word, thing
1a) word, utterance, command
1b) thing, affair, matter

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23 occurrences of H4406 מלּה

Daniel 2:5 The thing
Daniel 2:8 the thing
Daniel 2:9 words
Daniel 2:10 matter:
Daniel 2:10 things
Daniel 2:11 thing
Daniel 2:15 made the thing
Daniel 2:17 and made the thing
Daniel 3:22 commandment
Daniel 3:28 word,
Daniel 4:31 the word
Daniel 4:33 was the thing
Daniel 5:10 of the words
Daniel 5:15 of the thing:
Daniel 5:26 of the thing:
Daniel 6:12 The thing
Daniel 6:14 these words,
Daniel 7:1 of the matters.
Daniel 7:11 words
Daniel 7:16 of the things.
Daniel 7:25 great words
Daniel 7:28 of the matter.
Daniel 7:28 the matter

Distinct usage

3 The thing
2 of the thing:
2 words
1 thing
1 made the thing
1 and made the thing
1 commandment
1 the word
1 was the thing
1 of the words
1 of the matters.
1 of the things.
1 great words
1 of the matter.
1 the matter
1 word,
1 matter:
1 things
1 these words,

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H4405 מלּה מלּה millâh milleh

מלּה מלּה
millâh milleh
mil-law', mil-leh'
From H4448 (plural masculine as if from the second form); a word; collectively a discourse; figuratively a topic

KJV Usage: + answer, by-word, matter, any thing (what) to say, to speak (-ing), speak, talking, word.