1 Samuel 30:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H7592 וישׁאל inquired H1732 דוד And David H3068 ביהוה at the LORD, H559 לאמר saying, H7291 ארדף Shall I pursue H310 אחרי after H1416 הגדוד troop? H2088 הזה this H5381 האשׂגנו shall I overtake H559 ויאמר them? And he answered H7291 לו רדף him, Pursue: H3588 כי for H5381 השׂג thou shalt surely overtake H5381 תשׂיג thou shalt surely overtake H5337 והצל and without fail recover H5337 תציל׃ , and without fail recover