Proverbs 6

Great(i) 1 My sonne yf thou be suertye for thy neyghboure, and hast fastened thyne hand for another man, 2 thou art bounde wt thyne awne wordes, and taken with thine awne speache. 3 Therfore, my sonne, do thys & thou shalt be discharged: when thou art come into thy neighbours daunger. Goo thy wayes then soone, humble thy selfe, and with thy frendes intreate thy creditour: 4 let not thyne eyes slepe, ner thyne eye lyddes slomber. 5 Saue thy selfe as a doo from the hande of the huntre, & as a byrde from the hande of the fouler. 6 Go to the Emmet (thou slougard) consydre herwayes, & lerne to be wyse. 7 She hath no guyde, no ouersear nor ruler: 8 yet in the Sommer she prouideth her meate, and gathereth her fode to gether in the haruest. 9 Howe longe wylt thou slepe, thou slougysh man? When wylt thou aryse out of thy slepe? 10 Yee slepe on styll a lytle, slomber a lytle, foulde thyne handes together yet a lytle, that thou mayest slepe: 11 so shall pouertye come vnto the as on that trauayleth by the waye, & necessytelke a weapened man. 12 An vngodly person, a wycked man goeth with a frowarde mouth 13 he wyncketh with his eyes, he tokeneth with hys fete, he poynteth with hys fyngers, 14 he is euer ymagenynge myschefe, and frowardnesse in hys herte, & causeth discorde. 15 Therfore shall hys destruccyon come hastly vpon him, sodenly shall he be all to broken, and not be healed. 16 These syxe thynges doth the Lord hate, and the seuenth he vtterly abhorreth: 17 A proude looke a lyinge tonge, handes that shed innocent bloude, 18 an herte that goeth aboute wyth wycked ymaginacyons fete that be swyfte in rennynge to do myschefe, 19 a false wytnesse that bringeth vp lyes, and soche one as soweth discorde amonge brethren. 20 My sonne, kepe thy fathers commaundement, and forsake not the lawe of thy mother. 21 Put them vp together in thyne herte, and bynde them aboute thy neck. 22 That they may leade the where thou goest, preserue the when thou art a slepe, and that when thou awakest, thou mayest talke of them. 23 For the commaundement is a lanterne, and the lawe a lyght: yee chastenyng and nourtoure is the waye of lyfe 24 that they may kepe the from the euell woman, and from the flatteryng tonge of the harlote: 25 that thou lust not after her beauty in thyne herte, and lest thou be taken with her fayre lookes. 26 An harlot wyll make a man to begge his bread, and a woman wyll hunt for the precyous lyfe. 27 Maye a man take fyre in hys bosome and hys clothes not be brent? 28 Or can one go vpon hote coales, and hys fete not be hurte? 29 Euen so, whosoeuer goeth into his neyghbours wyfe, and toucheth her, cannot be vngylty. 30 Men do not vtterly despyse a thefe that stealeth to satisfye hys soule, when he is hungry: 31 but yf he maye be gotten, he restoreth agayne seuen tymes as moche, or els he maketh recompense with all the good of hys house. 32 But whoso committeth aduoutry with a woman, he is a foole and bryngeth his lyfe to destruction. 33 He getteth hym selfe also shame and dishonour, soche as shall neuer be put out. 34 For the gelousy and wrath of the man wyll not be intreated, 35 no though thou woldest offre him great gyftes to make amendes, he will not receaue them.