John 12

Great(i) 1 Then Iesus (syxe dayes before Easter) came to Bethany, wher Lazarus had ben deed, whome he raysed from death. 2 Ther they made hym a supper, and Martha serued, but Lazarus was one of them that sate at the table wt him. 3 Then toke Mary a pound of oyntment (called Nardus, perfecte and precious) and anoynted Iesus fete, and wyped his fete with her hear, & the house was fylled with the odoure of the oyntment. 4 Then sayd one of his disciples: (euen Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne, which afterward betrayed him) 5 why was not this oyntement solde for thre hundred pence, and geuen to the poore? 6 This he sayd, not that he cared for the pore but because he was a thefe, and had the bagge, & bare that which was geuen. 7 Then sayd Iesus: Let her alone, against the daye of my buryinge hath she kept this. 8 For the poore allwayes shall ye haue with you, but me haue ye not allwaye. 9 Moche people of the Iewes therfore had knowledge that he was ther. And they came not for Iesus sake onely, but that they myghte se Lazarus also whom he raysed from death. 10 But the hye prestes helde a councell, that they myght put Lazarus to death also, 11 because that for his sake many of the Iewes went awaye and beleued on Iesus. 12 On the next daye moch people that were come to the feaste, when they hearde that Iesus shuld come to Ierusalem, 13 toke braunches of palme trees, and went forth to mete hym, and cryed: Hosanna, blessed is he that in the name of the Lorde, commeth Kyng of Israell. 14 And Iesus got a yonge asse, and sate theron, as it is wryten: 15 feare not daughter of Syon, beholde, thy Kynge commeth, sytting on an asses colte. 16 These thinges vnderstode not his disciples at the fyrst: but when Iesus was glorifyed, then remembred they that soch thinges were wryten of him, and that soche thynges they had done vnto hym. 17 The people that was with hym (when he called Lazarus out of his graue, and raysed hym from death) bare recorde. 18 Therfore mete hym the people also, because they hearde that he had done soche a miracle. 19 The pharises therfore sayd among them selues: perceaue ye, howe we preuayle nothing? behold, worlde goeth after him. 20 Ther were certen Grekes amonge them, that came to worshyp at the feaste: 21 the same cam therfore to Philip (which was of Bethsaida a cytie in Galile) and desyred hym, saying: Syr, we wolde fayne se Iesus. 22 Philip came and tolde Andrew. And agayne Andrew and Philip told Iesus. 23 And Iesus answered them, sayinge: the houre is come, that the sonne of man must be glorifyed. 24 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you except the wheat corne fall into the ground, & dye, it bydeth alone. If it dye, it bryngeth forth moch frute. 25 He that loueth hys lyfe, shall destroye it: and he that hateth hys lyfe in thys world, shal kepe it vnto lyfe eternall. 26 If eny man mynister vnto me, lett him folowe me: and Where I am, there shall also my minister be. Yf any man mynister vnto me, hym will my father honoure. 27 Nowe is my soule troubled, and what shall I saye? Father, delyuer me from this houre: but therfore came I vnto thys houre. 28 Father, glorify thy name. Then cam ther a voyce from heauen, saying: I haue both glorifyed it, & will glorify it agayne. 29 The people therfore that stode by and heard it, sayde, that it thoundred. Other sayde: an angell spake to hym. 30 Iesus answered and sayde: this voyce came not because of me but for your sakes. 31 Now is the iudgment of this worlde: now shall the prince of thys worlde be cast out. 32 And I (yf I were lyft vp from the erth) will drawe all men vnto me. 33 Thys he sayde signifyinge, what death he shulde dye. 34 The people answered hym: We haue heard out of the lawe, that Christ bydeth euer, and how sayst thou: the sonne of man must be lyft vp? who is that sonne of man? 35 Then Iesus sayd vnto them: yet a lytell whyle is the lyght with you. Walke whyle ye haue lyght, lest the darcknes come on you. He that walketh also in the darck, woteth not whyther he goet 36 Whyle ye haue lyght, beleue on the lyght, that ye maye be the children of the lyght. These thynges spake Iesus, and departed, and hid him self from them. 37 But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet beleued not they on hym, 38 that the sayinge of Esaias the prophet myght be fulfylled, which he spake: Lord, who shal beleue our saying? And to whom is the arme of the Lorde declared? 39 Therfore could they not beleue, because that Esaias saith agayne: 40 he hath blynded their eyes, and hardened their hert, that they shuld not se with their eyes, & lest they shuld vnderstand with their hert, and shuld be conuerted, and I shulde heale them. 41 Soch thynges sayd Esaias, when he sawe his glorye, & spake of him. 42 Neuertheles, amonge the chefe rulers also, many beleued on hym. But (because of the pharises) they wold not be a knowen of it, lest they shulde be excommunicat. 43 For they loued the prayse of men, more then the prayse of God. 44 Iesus cryed, and sayd: he that beleueth on me, beleueth not on me, but on hym that sent me. 45 And he that seeth me, seeth him that sent me. 46 I am come a lyght into the worlde: that whosoeuer beleueth on me, shulde not byde in darcknes. 47 And yf any man heare my wordes, and beleue not, I iudge him not. For I came not to iudge the world: but to saue the worlde. 48 He that refuseth me, & receaueth not my wordes, hath one that iudgeth hym. The worde that I haue spoken, the same shal iudge hym in the last daye. 49 For I haue not spoken of my selfe: but the father which sent me: he gaue me a commaundment, what I shuld saye, & what I shulde speake. 50 And I knowe that his commaundement is lyfe euerlastinge. Whatsoeuer I speake therfore, euen as the father bade me, so I speake.