John 12

CLV(i) 1 Jesus, then, six days before the Passover, came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who had died, whom Jesus rouses from among the dead." 2 They make, then, for Him a dinner there, and Martha served. Now Lazarus was one of those lying back at table with Him." 3 Mary, then, taking a pound troy of veritable nard attar, very precious, rubs the feet of Jesus and wipes off His feet with her hair. Now the house was filled with the odor of the attar." 4 Now Judas of Simon Iscariot, one of His disciples (who is about to give Him up) is saying, 5 Wherefore was not this attar disposed of for three hundred denarii and given to the poor? 6 Now this he said, not that he cared concerning the poor, but that he was a thief, having the coffer also, and bore what is cast into it." 7 Jesus, then, said, "Let her be, that she should be keeping it for the day of My burial." 8 For the poor you have always with you, yet Me you have not always." 9 The vast throng, then, of the Jews, knew that He is there. And they came, not because of Jesus only, but that they might become acquainted with Lazarus also, whom Jesus rouses from among the dead." 10 Yet the chief priests also plan that they should be killing Lazarus also, 11 for many of the Jews went because of him, and believed in Jesus." 12 On the morrow the vast throng, who are coming for the festival, hearing that Jesus is coming into Jerusalem, 13 got fronds of palms and came out to meet Him. And they clamored, saying, "Hosanna! Blessed is He Who is coming in the name of the Lord!and "The King of Israel!" 14 Now Jesus, finding a little ass, is seated on it, according as it is written, 15 Do not fear, daughter of Zion! Lo! your King is coming, sitting on an ass's colt." 16 Now these things are not known to His disciples at first, but when Jesus is glorified, then they are reminded that these things were written of Him and these things they do to Him." 17 The throng, then, which is with Him when He summons Lazarus out of the tomb, and rouses him from among the dead, was testifying." 18 Therefore, also, the vast throng meets Him, for they hear that He has done this sign." 19 The Pharisees, then, say to themselves, "You are beholding that you are benefiting nothing. Lo! the world came away after him!" 20 Now there were some Greeks from among those going up that they should be worshiping in the festival. 21 These, then, came to Philip who is from Bethsaida of Galilee, and they asked him, saying, "Lord, we want to become acquainted with Jesus." 22 Philip is coming and telling Andrew, and again Andrew and Philip are coming and telling Jesus." 23 Yet Jesus is answering them, saying, "Come has the hour that the Son of Mankind should be glorified." 24 Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If a kernel of grain, falling into the earth, should not be dying, it is remaining alone, yet if it should be dying, it is bringing forth much fruit." 25 He who is fond of his soul is destroying it, and he who is hating his soul in this world, shall be guarding it for life eonian." 26 If anyone should be serving Me, let him be following Me, and where I am, there My servant also shall be. And if anyone should be serving Me, the Father shall be honoring him." 27 Now is My soul disturbed. And what may I be saying? 'Father, save Me out of this hour'? 28 But therefore came I into this hour. Father, glorify Thy name!A voice, then, came out of heaven, "I glorify it also, and shall be glorifying it again!" 29 The throng, then, which stands and hears it, said, "A thunderclap has come!Others said, "A messenger has spoken to Him!" 30 Jesus answered and said, "Not because of Me has come this voice, but because of you." 31 Now is the judging of this world. Now shall the Chief of this world be cast out. 32 And I, if I should be exalted out of the earth, shall be drawing all to Myself." 33 Now this He said, signifying by what death He was about to be dying." 34 The throng, then, answered Him, "We hear out of the law that the Christ is remaining for the eon, and how are you saying that the Son of Mankind must be exalted? Who is this Son of Mankind? 35 Jesus, then, said to them, "Still a little time the light is among you. Be walking while you have the light, lest the darkness may be overtaking you. And he who is walking in the darkness is not aware whither he is going." 36 As you have the light, be believing in the light, that you may be becoming sons of light.These things Jesus speaks, and, coming away, He was hid from them." 37 Yet, after His having done so many signs in front of them, they believed not in Him, " 38 that the word of Isaiah the prophet, which he said, may be being fulfilled, "Lord, who believes our tidings? And the arm of the Lord, to whom was it revealed? 39 Therefore they could not believe, seeing that Isaiah said again" 40 that He has blinded their eyes and callouses their heart, lest they may be perceiving with their eyes, and should be apprehending with their heart, and may be turning about, and I shall be healing them." 41 These things Isaiah said, seeing that he perceived His glory, and speaks concerning Him." 42 Howbeit, likewise, of the chiefs also many believe in Him, but because of the Pharisees they did not avow it, lest they may be put out of the synagogue, 43 for they love the glory of men rather than even the glory of God. 44 Now Jesus cries and said, "He who is believing in Me is not believing in Me, but in Him Who sends Me." 45 And he who is beholding Me is beholding Him Who sends Me. 46 I have come into the world a Light, that everyone who is believing in Me should not be remaining in darkness." 47 And if ever anyone should be hearing My declarations and not be maintaining them, I am not judging him, for I came not that I should be judging the world, but that I should be saving the world." 48 He who is repudiating Me and not getting My declarations, has that which is judging him; the word which I speak, that will be judging him in the last day, 49 seeing that I speak not from Myself, but the Father Who sends Me, He has given Me the precept, what I may be saying and what I should be speaking." 50 And I am aware that His precept is life eonian. What, then, I am speaking, according as the Father has declared it to Me, thus am I speaking."