Genesis 6

Great(i) 1 And it came to passe, that man beganne to be multiplied in the vpper face of the erth, and there were daughters borne vnto them. 2 The sonnes of God also sawe the daughters of men that they were fayre, and they toke them wyues from amonge all that they had chosen. 3 And the Lorde sayde: My sprete shall not allwaye, stryue in man, because he is flesh, and hys dayes shalbe an hundreth & twentye yeares. 4 But there were gyauntes in the erth in those dayes: yee and after that the sonnes of God came vnto the daughters of men, and they had gendred vnto them, the same became myghtye men of the worlde, and men of renowne. 5 But God sawe that the malyce of man was greate in the erth, and all the ymaginacyon of the thoughtes of hys hert was onely euell euery daye. 6 And it repented the Lorde, that he had made man in the erth, & he was touched with sorow in his harte. 7 And the Lorde sayde: I wyll (from the vpper face of the earth) destroye man, whom I haue created: both man, catel, worme, & foule of the ayre, for it repenteth me that I haue made them. 8 But Noah founde grace in the eyes of the Lorde: 9 These are the generacyons of Noah Noah was iust & perfect in his generacions, and walked wt God. 10 Noah begat thre sonnes: Sem, Ham, & Iapheth. 11 The earth also was corrupte before God, & the same earthe was fylled wt crueltye. 12 And God loked vpon the erth, and beholde it was corrupt: For al fleshe had corrupt his waye vpon earth. 13 And God sayde vnto Noah: The ende of all fleshe is come before me, for the earthe is fylled with crueltye from the face of them. And beholde, I wyll destroy them with the erth, 14 Make the an Arke of pyne trees. Habitacyons shalt thou make in the Arke, and shalt pytch it within & without with pytch. 15 And of this fasshyon shalt thou make it. The lengthe of the Arke shalbe thre hundreth cubytes: The bredth of it, fyftye cubites, & the heygth of it thyrtye cubytes. 16 A wyndowe shalt thou make in the Arke, and in a cubite shalt thou fynyshe it aboue, but the dore of the Arke shalte thou set in the syde therof. With thre loftes one aboue an other shalte thou make it. 17 And behode, I, euen I, do bring a floude of waters vpon the earthe, that I maye destroye al flesshe wherin is the breth of lyfe vnder heauen: And euery thynge that is in the earth, shall dye. 18 With the also wyll I make my couenaunt, & thou shalte come into the Arke: thou & thy sonnes, thy wife & thy sonnes wyues wt the. 19 And euery lyuing thinge, and of all flesshe, a payre of euery one shalt thou brynge into the Arke, to kepe them alyue wt the. They shalbe male & female. 20 Of fethered foules also after theyr kynde, & of catell after theyr kynde, of euery worme of the earth after his kynde: two of euery one shall come vnto the, that thou mayst kepe them alyue. 21 And take thou with the of all meate that is eaten, and thou shalt laye it vp with the, that it maye be meate for the & them. 22 Noah therfore dyd accordyng vnto all that God commaunded hym: euen so dyd he.