Genesis 6

Matthew(i) 1 And it came to passe, whan men began to multyply vpon the erth, & had begat them daughters, 2 that sonnes of god saw the daughters of men that they were fayre, and toke vnto them wyues, which they best lyked among them all. 3 And the Lorde sayde: My spirite shall not alway striue wyth man, for they are flesh. Neuerthelesse I wyl geue them yet space, an .C. & .xx. yeres. 4 There were tyrantes in the world in those dayes. For after that the chyldren of god had gone in, vnto the daughters of men, & had begotten them chyldren, the same chyldren were the mightiest of the world, & men of renowne. 5 And whan the Lord saw that the wekednesse of man was encreased vpon the erth, & that al the ymaginacion & thoughtes of his hert was only euell contynually, 6 he repented that he had made man vpon the erth, and sorowed in his hert. 7 And sayd: I wyl destroy mankynde whych I haue made, from of the face of the erth: both man, beast, worme and foule of the ayre, for it repenteth me that I haue made them. 8 But yet Noe founde grace in the syght of the Lord. 9 These are the generacions of Noe. Noe was a ryghteous man & vncorrupte in hys tyme, & walked wt God. 10 And Noe begat .iij. sonnes: Sem, Ham, & Iapheth. 11 And the erth was corrupt in the syght of God, & was full of mischefe. 12 And God loked vpon the erth, & lo it was corrupte: for all flesh had corrupte hys way vpon the erth. 13 Than sayde God to Noe: the ende of all flesh is come before me, for the erth is full of their myschefe. And lo, I wyl destroye them with the erth. 14 Make the an arcke of pyne tree, and make chaumbers in the arcke, and pitch it wythin & without wyth pytch. 15 And of this facyon shalt thou make it. The length of the arcke shall be .iij. hundred cubytes, & the bredth of it .l. cubytes, & the hyeth of it .xxx. cubytes. 16 A wyndow shalt thou make aboue in the arcke. And within a cubyte compasse shalt thou fynysh it. And the dore of the arcke shalt thou sette in the syde of it: & thou shalt make it with .iij. loftes one aboue another. 17 For behold, I wyll bryng in a floud of water vpon the erth to destroye al flesh from vnder heauen, wherin breth of lyf is: so that all that is in the erth shal perysh. 18 But I wyl make myne apoyntement wt the, that both thou shalt come into the arcke and thy sonnes, thy wyfe & thy sonnes wyues wt the. 19 And of all that lyueth what so euer flesh it be, shalt thou brynge into the arcke, of euery thyng a payre, to kepe them a lyue wyth the. And male & female se that they be, 20 of byrdes in their kynde, & of beastes in theyr kynde, & of all maner of wormes of the erth in theyr kynde: a payre of euery thynge shal come vnto the to kepe them a lyue. 21 And take vnto the of all maner of meate that may be eaten and laye it vp in stoore by the, that it maye be meate bothe for the and for them: 22 and Noe dyd acordyng to all that God commaunded him.