Genesis 5

Great(i) 1 This is the boke of the generacyons of Adam. In the daye that God created man, in the lyknesse of God made he him. 2 Male and female created he them, & blessed them, and called theyr name Adam in the daye of theyr creacyon. 3 And Adam lyued an hundreth & thyrtye yeres, & begat (a sonne) in hys owne lyknesse after his ymage, & called his name Seth. 4 All the dayes of Adam (after he had begotten Seth) were eyght hundreth yeres, & he begat sonnes and daughters. 5 And all the dayes that Adam lyued, were nyne hundreth and thyrtye yeares, and he dyed. 6 Seth lyued an hundred & fyue yeares, and begat Enos. 7 And Seth lyued (after he begat Enos) eyght hundreth yeares & seuen yeres, & begat sonnes & daughters. 8 And all the dayes of Seth were, nyne hundreth & twelue yeares. And he dyed. 9 Enos lyued nyntye yeares & begat kenan. 10 And Enos lyued (after he begat kenan) eight hundreth, and fyftene yeares, & begat sonnes & daughters. 11 And all the dayes of Enos were nyne hundreth & fyue yeres. And he dyed. 12 Kenan lyued seuentye yeres, & begat Mahelael. 13 And kenan lyued (after he begat Mahelael) eyght hundreth yeares and fortye yeres, and begat sonnes & daughters. 14 And all the dayes of kenan were nyne hundreth yeares and ten yeares, and he dyed. 15 Mahelael lyued syxtye yeares & fyue yeares, 16 & begat Iared. And agayne, Mahelael lyued (after he begat Iared) eyght hundreth & thirtye yeres, & begat sonnes & daughters. 17 And all the dayes of Mahelael were eyght hundreth nynetye & fyue yeares. And he dyed. 18 Iared lyued an hundred & syxtye and two yeares, & begat Henoch. 19 And Iared lyued (after he begat Henoch) eyght hundreth yeares, & begat sonnes and daughters. 20 And all the dayes of Iared were nyne hundreth and syxtye and two yeares. And he dyed. 21 Henoch lyued syxtie & fyue yeares, & begat Methuselah. 22 And Henoch walked wyth God after he begat Methuselah, thre hundreth yeres, & begat sonnes & daughters. 23 And all the dayes of Henoch were thre hundreth syxtie & fyue yeres. 24 And Henoch walked with God, & he (was no more sene,) for God toke hym awaye. 25 Methuselah also lyued an hundreth yeares, & eyghtye & seuen yeres, & begat Lamech. 26 And agayne Methuselah lyued (after he begat Lamech,) seuen hundreth yeares, and eyghtye, & two yeres, and begat sonnes and daughters. 27 And all the dayes of Methuselah were nyne hundreth yeares and syxtye & nyne yeares. And he dyed. 28 Lamech lyued an hundreth yeres & eyghtye & two yeres, & begat a sonne, 29 & called his name Noah, sayenge: This same shall comforte vs as concernynge oure worke & sorowe of oure handes, from of the erth, which God curssed. 30 And Lamech lyued (after he begat Noah) fyue hundreth yeres & nynety & fyue yeares, & begat sonnes & daughters. 31 And all the dayes of Lamech were seuen hundreth yeares, and seuentye and seuen yeares, and he dyed. 32 Noah was fyue hundreth yeare olde. And Noah begat Sem, Ham, and Iapheth.