1 Samuel 29

Great(i) 1 The Philistines were geathered togeather wt all their armyes vnto Aphec: And the Israelites pitched in Aiin, which is in Iesrahel. 2 And the Lordes of the Philistines went forth wt the hundreds. & thousandes. But Dauid & his men came behinde wt Achis. 3 Then sayde the Lords of the Philistines, what are younder Ebrues? Achis sayd vnto the Lordes of the Philistines: Is not thys Dauid the seruaunt of Saul the kynge of Israel, whych hath bene wyth me these dayes or yeres? I haue founde no fault in hym, sence he fledd vnto me vnto thys daye. 4 And the Lordes of the Philistines were wroth wyth hym and sayde vnto hym: Make this felowe returne, that he maye go agayne to hys place whych thou hast appoynted hym: and let hym not go downe wyth vs to battell, lest in the battell he be an aduersarye to vs. For wherwyth coulde he better obtayne the fauoure of hys master, then wyth the heedes of these men? 5 Is not thys Dauid, to whom they sange in daunses: Saul slue hys thousande, and Dauid hys ten thousande? 6 Then Achis called Dauid, and sayde vnto hym: As sure as the Lorde lyueth, thou hast bene honest, and good in my syght, whan thou wentest out & in wyth me in the hoost: neyther haue I founde euell with the, sence thou camest to me vnto thys daye: Neuerthelesse the Lordes of the Philistines fauoure the not: 7 Wherfore now returne, & go in peace, that thou displease not the Lordes of the Philistynes. 8 And Dauid sayde vnto Achis: And what haue I done? what hast thou founde in thy seruaunt, as long as I haue bene wyth the vnto thys daye, that I maye not go fyght against the enemyes of my Lorde the kynge? 9 Achis answered & sayd to Dauid: I know that thou art good, & art in my syght, as an Angell of God. Not wythstandinge the Lordes of the Philistynes haue sayde: Let hym not go vp wt vs to battell. 10 Wherfore nowe ryse vp earlye in the mornyng wt thy masters seruauntes that are come to the: and when ye be vp early (as sone as ye haue lyght) departe. 11 And so Dauid and his men rose vp earlye to departe in the mornynge, & to returne into the land of the Philistines. And the Philistines went vp to Iezraell.